WWW::Chat::Processor - module for processing web chat script into Perl.


  use WWW::Chat::Processor;

  my $perl_script = WWW::Chat::Processor::parse ($webchat);

  eval $perl_script;
  warn $@ if $@; 


The webchatpp program is a preprocessor that turns chat scripts into plain perl scripts. When this script is fed to perl it will perform the chatting. The webchat language consist of perl code with some lines interpreted and expanded by WWW::Chat::Processor.

See webchatpp for more details on the syntax of the webchat language.

This module implements the functionality of the webchatpp script in the parse method in order to make it easier to use webchat in your own programs. It also fixes problems the original webchatpp had with being package safe however it retains backwards compatability with the old version.

Basically - it's a huge hack and this could soooo be done better.


webchatpp, WWW::Chat, LWP, HTML::Form


Copyright 2001 Simon Wistow <>.

Based on code originally by Gisle Aas.

This script is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.