Treex::PML::Schema::CDATA - implements cdata declaration.


This class inherits from Treex::PML::Schema::Decl.


See the super-class for the complete list.

$decl->is_atomic ()

Returns 1.

$decl->get_decl_type ()

Returns the constant PML_CDATA_DECL.

$decl->get_decl_type_str ()

Returns the string 'cdata'.

$decl->get_format ()

Return identifier of the data format.

$decl->set_format (format)

Set format to a given format identifier.

$decl->check_string_format (string, format-id?)

If the format-id argument is specified, return 1 if the string confirms to the given format. If the format-id argument is omitted, return 1 if the string conforms to the format specified in the type declaration in the PML schema. Otherwise return 0.


See validate_object() in Treex::PML::Schema.


Returns a list of formats for which the current implementation of validate_object provides a reasonable validator.

Currently all formats defined in the PML Schema specification revision 1.1.2 are supported, namely:

any, anyURI, base64Binary, boolean, byte, date, dateTime, decimal, double, duration, float, gDay, gMonth, gMonthDay, gYear, gYearMonth, hexBinary, ID, IDREF, IDREFS, int, integer, language, long, Name, NCName, negativeInteger, NMTOKEN, NMTOKENS, nonNegativeInteger, nonPositiveInteger, normalizedString, PMLREF, positiveInteger, short, string, time, token, unsignedByte, unsignedInt, unsignedLong, unsignedShort

$decl->get_content_decl ()

Returns undef.


Treex::PML::Schema::Decl, Treex::PML::Schema. Treex::PML::Schema::Choice, Treex::PML::Schema::Constant.


Copyright (C) 2008-2010 by Petr Pajas

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