Treex::PML::Backend::FS - IO backend for reading/writing FS files.


use Treex::PML; Treex::PML::AddBackends(qw(FS))

my $document = Treex::PML::Factory->createDocumentFromFile('input.fs'); ... $document->save();


This module implements a Treex::PML input/output backend which accepts reads/writes documents in the FS format.



This variable controls whether a simple PML schema should be created for FS files (default is 1 - yes). Attribute whose name contains one or more slashes is represented as a (possibly nested) structure where each slash represents one level of nesting. Attributes sharing a common name-part followed by a slash are represented as members of the same structure. For example, attributes a, b/u/x, b/v/x and b/v/y result in the following structure:

{a = value_of_a, b => { u => { x => value_of_a/u/x }, v => { x => value_of_a/v/x, y => value_of_a/v/y } } }>

In the PML schema emulation mode, it is forbidden to have both a and a/b attributes. In such a case the parser reverts to non-emulation mode.

Treex::PML::Backend::FS::ParseFSTree ($fsformat,$line,$ordhash)

Parse a given string (line) in FS format and return the root of the resulting FS tree as a node object.


Description of FS format:


Copyright (C) 2006-2010 by Petr Pajas

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