Test::Stream::Workflow::Unit - Representation of a workflow unit.


This module is still EXPERIMENTAL. Test-Stream is now stable, but this particular module is still experimental. You are still free to use this module, but you have been warned that it may change in backwords incompatible ways. This message will be removed from this modules POD once it is considered stable.


This distribution is deprecated in favor of Test2, Test2::Suite, and Test2::Workflow.

See Test::Stream::Manual::ToTest2 for a conversion guide.


This package is a single unit of work to be done in a workflow. The unit may contain a codeblock, or many child units.


$bool = $unit->contains($name)
$bool = $unit->contains($line)
$bool = $unit->contains("$file $line)

Check if the unit contains (or is) a unit with the given specification. The specification may be a line number, a filename + line number, or a unit name. This will return true if either the unit, or one of the child units, matches.


These add $other_unit as a child unit. The child is added to the group specified in the method name.


Add a primary unit child. Note: The primary unit is either an arrayref of other units, or a single coderef. In cases where the primary is a coderef, this will fail badly.

$unit->add_post(sub { ... })

Add a post-build callback.


Run (and remove) the post-build callbacks.

$dbg = $unit->debug

Generate an Test::Stream::Debug object for this unit.

$ctx = $unit->context

Generate a context representing the scope of the unit. Note: this context is non-canonical.

$name = $unit->name

Get the unit name.

$hr = $unit->meta

Get the meta hashref, this contains things like 'todo' and 'skip'.

$type = $unit->type

Get the unit type.

$bool = $unit->wrap

True if the codeblock for this unit is a wrap (around_all, around_each, etc).

$hr = $unit->stash

General purpose stash for use in plugins and extensions.

$pkg = $unit->package

Package for the unit.

$file = $unit->file

Filename for the unit

$start = $unit->start_line

Starting line for the unit.

$end = $unit->end_line

Ending line number for the unit. Note: This can be set to an integer, or to the string 'EOF'.


This will check all child unit bounds, if they fall outside the parents bounds then the parent will be adjusted.

$ar = $unit->post
$ar = $unit->modify
$ar = $unit->buildup
$ar = $unit->teardown

Access to the arrayrefs for the specific child types.

$code_or_ar = $unit->primary

Get the primary, which may be an arrayref of other units, or a single coderef.


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