Test::Class::Moose::Role - Test::Class::Moose for roles


version 0.99


If you need the functionality of Test::Class::Moose to be available inside of a role, this is the module to do that. This is how you can declare a TCM role:

    package TestsFor::Basic::Role;

    use Test::Class::Moose::Role;

    sub test_in_a_role {
        my $test = shift;

        pass "This is picked up from role";

    sub in_a_role_with_tags : Tags(first){
        fail "We should never see this test";

    sub test_in_a_role_with_tags : Tags(second){
        pass "We should see this test";


And to consume it:

    package TestsFor::Basic::WithRole;
    use Test::Class::Moose;

    with qw/TestsFor::Basic::Role/;

    sub test_in_withrole {
        pass "Got here";


Note that this cannot be consumed into classes and magically make them into test classes. You must still (at the present time) inherit from Test::Class::Moose to create a test suite.

Skipping Test::Most

By default, when you use Test::Class::Moose::Role in your own test class, it exports all the subs from Test::Most into your class. If you'd prefer to import a different set of test tools, you can pass bare => 1 when using Test::Class::Moose::Role:

 use Test::Class::Moose::Role bare => 1;

 When you pass this, C<Test::Class::Moose::Role> will not export L<Test::Most>'s subs
 into your class. You will have to explicitly import something like
 L<Test::More> or L<Test2::Tools::Compare> in order to actually perform tests.


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  • Curtis "Ovid" Poe <>

  • Dave Rolsky <>


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