Test::Class::Moose::AttributeRegistry - Global registry of tags by class and method.


version 0.99


 use Test::Class::Moose::AttributeRegistry;

 my @tags = Test::Class::Moose::AttributeRegistry->tags;
 print Test::Class::Moose::AttributeRegistry->method_has_tag( 'TestsFor::FooBar', 'test_baz', 'network' );


This class permits addition and querying of the tags and plans defined on methods via attributes. It's been gleefully stolen from Attribute::Method::Tags and is for internal use only. Don't rely on this code.


All the following are class methods, as the attribute registry is shared globally. Note that all parameters for any of the methods below are required.

add_plan( $class, $method, plan )

Add a numeric (or undef) plan to a method.

get_plan( $class, $method )

Returns the numeric (or undef) plan for a method if that was set via the Test or Tests attributes.

has_test_attribute( $class, $method )

Returns true if either Test or Tests was declared for a method. Used to identify something as a test method even if the method name doesn't begin with test_.

add_tags( $class, $method, $tags_ref )

Adds the given list of tags (as an array-ref) for the specified class/method combination. An exception will be raised if either the tags are non-alphanumeric or the method is one that has already had tags registered for it.


Find all tags defined for all methods. Returns a sorted list of tags.

class_has_tag( $class, $tag )

Returns a boolean (0|1) indicating whether the given class has any method with the specified tag.

method_has_tag( $class, $method, $tag )

Returns a boolean (0|1) indicating whether the given method in the given class has the specified tag.



Attribute-based interface for adding tags to methods. Your author "liberated" this code from Attribute::Method::Tags::Registry (with a tip 'o the keyboard to Mark Morgan for his work on this).


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