Test2::Harness::Renderer - Base class for Test2::Harness event renderers.



These are set at construction time and cannot be changed.

$settings = $renderer->settings

Get the Test2::Harness::Settings reference.

$int = $renderer->verbose

Get the verbosity level.

$bool = $renderer->progress

True if progress indicators should be shown.

$bool = $renderer->color

True if color should be used.



Called for every event. Return is ignored.


Called once after testing is done.



Called when the rendering process receives a signal. This is your chance to do any cleanup or report the signal. This is not an event, you can ignore it. Do not exit or throw any exceptions here please.

settings => $settings

Get the Test2::Harness::Settings reference.

pass => $bool

True if tests passed.

tests_seen => $int

Number of test files seen.

asserts_seen => $int

Number of assertions made.

final_data => $final_data

The final_data looks like this, note that some data may not be present if it is not applicable. The data structure can be as simple as { pass => $bool }.

        pass => $pass,    # boolean, did the test run pass or fail?

        failed => [       # Jobs that failed, and did not pass on a retry
            [$job_id1, $file1],    # Failing job 1
            [$job_id2, $file2],    # Failing job 2
        retried => [               # Jobs that failed and were retried
            [$job_id1, $times_run1, $file1, $passed_eventually1],    # Passed_eventually is a boolean
            [$job_id2, $times_run2, $file2, $passed_eventually2],
        hatled => [                                                  # Jobs that caused the entire test suite to halt
            [$job_id1, $file1, $halt_reason1],                       # halt_reason is a human readible string
            [$job_id2, $file2, $halt_reason2],


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Chad Granum <>


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