Slovo::Command::Author::generate::cgi_script - Generate a CGI script for running Slovo under Apache 2/CGI


    Usage: slovo [OPTIONS]
    # Default values.
    slovo generate cgi_script
    # Custom values
    slovo generate cgi_script -f slovo.cgi -m production

    -h, --help            Show this summary of available options
    -f, --filename <name> Defaults to $app->moniker.cgi
    -c, --cgi_mode <name> Defaults to current $app->mode
    -m, --mode     <name> Operating mode for your application, defaults to the
                          value of MOJO_MODE/PLACK_ENV or "development". Will
                          be used for --cgi_mode.


After running this command it is expected usually to run also Slovo::Command::Author::generate::a2htaccess to generate the .htaccess file for the set of domains which you will be running on this virtual host.

Slovo::Command::Author::generate::cgi_scrip will generate a CGI script for running Slovo under Apache2/CGI. Although Slovo performs best as a daemon, run by hypnotoad, it can as well be used on a cheap shared hosting. When the produced CGI script (e.g. slovo.cgi) is run on a page from the site, it will dump the produced on-the-fly HTML to a static html-file. Later, upon another HTTP request, the produced html-file will be just spit out by Apache without invoking slovo.cgi again. This way Slovo acts as a static site generator. This is completely enough for bloggers. Serving static pages is faster than anything else.


Slovo::Command::Author::generate::cgi_script inherits all attributes from Slovo::Command and implements the following new ones.


  my $description = $cgi_script->description;
  $cpanify        = $cgi_script->description('Foo');

Short description of this command, used for the command list.


  my $usage = $cgi_script->usage;
  $cpanify  = $cgi_script->usage('Foo');

Usage information for this command, used for the help screen.


Slovo::Command::Author::generate::cgi_script inherits all methods from Slovo::Command and implements the following new ones.



Run this command.


Slovo::Command::Author::generate::a2htaccess, Slovo,Mojolicious::Command "Adding-commands-to-Mojolicious" in Mojolicious::Guides::Cookbook, Mojolicious::Guides, https://слово.бг.