Selenium::Remote::Spec - Implement commands for Selenium::Remote::Driver


version 1.47


Defines all the HTTP endpoints available to execute on a selenium server.

If you have either a customized Selenium Server, or want new features you should update the _cmds hash.

Webdriver 3 capabilities

WD3 giveth and taketh away some caps. Here's all you get:

    Browser name:                     "browserName"             string  Identifies the user agent.
    Browser version:                  "browserVersion"          string  Identifies the version of the user agent.
    Platform name:                    "platformName"            string  Identifies the operating system of the endpoint node.
    Accept insecure TLS certificates: "acceptInsecureCerts"     boolean Indicates whether untrusted and self-signed TLS certificates are implicitly trusted on navigation for the duration of the session.
    Proxy configuration:              "proxy"                   JSON    Defines the current session’s proxy configuration.

New Stuff:

    Page load strategy:               "pageLoadStrategy"        string  Defines the current session’s page load strategy.
    Window dimensioning/positioning:  "setWindowRect"           boolean Indicates whether the remote end supports all of the commands in Resizing and Positioning Windows.
    Session timeouts configuration:   "timeouts"                JSON    Describes the timeouts imposed on certain session operations.
    Unhandled prompt behavior:        "unhandledPromptBehavior" string  Describes the current session’s user prompt handler.


Current Maintainers:

  • George S. Baugh <>

Previous maintainers:

  • Daniel Gempesaw <>

  • Emmanuel Peroumalnaïk <>

  • Luke Closs <>

  • Mark Stosberg <>

Original authors:

  • Aditya Ivaturi <>


Copyright (c) 2010-2011 Aditya Ivaturi, Gordon Child

Copyright (c) 2014-2017 Daniel Gempesaw

Copyright (c) 2018-2021 George S. Baugh

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