SVK::Simple - Simple SVK object loader


    my $output;
    my $svk = SVK::Simple->new(output => \$output);

    print $output;


Although itself is already simple enough, there still are some misc requirements in the svk script which is not included in This module helps people who wants to write some SVK applications. It provides a simple SVK object loader, so people will not have to handle XD initialization.


new(output => SCALAR_REF)

This package provides only one method: new(), it takes an optional named parameter "output", which should be a scalarref. All the following SVK command output will be store in to that scalar. Please always initalized your $svk object as in SYNOPSIS. If "output" is not given, then all the outputs goes out to STDOUT. What is returned is an SVK object, you may perform svk commands like this:


Where $cmd is one of those commands listed in svk help commands.

That's all about this module, enjoy it.


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Copyright 2005-2007 by Kang-min Liu <>.

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