Rose::HTML::Form::Field::PhoneNumber::US - Text field that accepts only input that contains exactly 10 digits, and coerces valid input into US phone numbers in the form: 123-456-7890


    $field =
        label => 'Phone', 
        name  => 'phone',
        size  => 20);


    # "Phone number must be 10 digits, including area code"
    $field->validate or warn $field->error;

    $field->input_value('(123) 456-7890');

    print $field->internal_value; # "123-456-7890"

    print $field->html;


Rose::HTML::Form::Field::PhoneNumber::US is a subclass of Rose::HTML::Form::Field::Text that only allows values that contain exactly 10 digits, which it coerces into the form "123-456-7890". It overrides the validate() and inflate_value(), and deflate_value() methods of its parent class.

This is a good example of a custom field class that constrains the kinds of inputs that it accepts and coerces all valid input and output to a particular format. See Rose::HTML::Form::Field::Time for another example, and a list of more complex examples.


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