Retry::Backoff - Retry a piece of code, with backoff strategies


This document describes version 0.003 of Retry::Backoff (from Perl distribution Retry-Backoff), released on 2021-08-06.


 use Retry::Backoff 'retry';

 # by default, will use Algorithm::Backoff::Exponential with these parameters:
 # - initial_delay =   1 (1 second)
 # - max_delay     = 300 (5 minutes)
 # - max_attempts  =  10
 retry { ... };

 # select backoff strategy (see corresponding Algorithm::Backoff::* for list of
 # parameters)
 retry { ... } strategy=>'Constant', initial_delay=>1, max_attempts=>10;

 # other available 'retry' arguments
 retry { ... }
     on_success   => sub { my $h = shift; ... },
     on_failure   => sub { my $h = shift; ... },
     retry_if     => sub { my $h = shift; ... },
     non_blocking => 0;


This module provides "retry" to retry a piece of code if it dies. Several backoff (delay between retries) strategies are available from Algorithm::Backoff:: modules.




 retry { attempt-code... } %args;

Run attempt-code, retry if it dies. Known arguments:

  • strategy

    String. Default is Exponential (with initial_delay=1, max_delay=300, and max_attempts=10).

  • on_success

    Coderef. Will be called if attempt-code is deemed as successful.

  • on_failure

    Coderef. Will be called if attempt-code is deemed to have failed.

  • retry_if

    Coderef. If this argument is not specified, attempt-code is deemed to have failed if it dies. If this argument is specified, then the coderef will determine whether the attempt-code is deemed to have failed (retry_if code returns true) or succeeded (retry_if code returns false).

    Coderef will be passed:


    containing these keys:

  • non_blocking

    Boolean. If set to true, instead of delaying after a failure (or a success, depending on your backoff parameters), retry will immediately return. Then when called again it will immediately return (instead of retrying the attempt-code) until the required amount of delay has passed. To use this feature, you actually need to use the underlying OO code instead of the retry function:

     my $retry = Retry::Backoff->new(
         attempt_code => sub { ... },
         non_blocking => 1,
     while (1) {
         # if the action failed, it doesn't sleep next time it's called, it won't do
         # anything until it's time to retry
         # do something else while time goes on

The rest of the arguments will be passed to the backoff strategy module (Algorithm::Backoff::*).


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When submitting a bug or request, please include a test-file or a patch to an existing test-file that illustrates the bug or desired feature.


Code is based on Action::Retry.

Other similar modules: Sub::Retry, Retry.

Backoff strategies are from Algorithm::Backoff::* modules.


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