RTF::HTML::Converter::API - OO API to Philippe Verdret's RTF::HTML::Convertor


        use RTF::HTML::Converter::API;

        my $rtf = new RTF::HTML::Converter::API (dir => "D:/temp/",);
        foreach (@{$rtf->{files}}){
                warn $_;
                warn $_->{filename};
                warn $_->{html},"//end//";
                warn "\n";

        my $rtf = new RTF::HTML::Converter::API;
        warn $rtf->convert_file("D:/temp/rtf-test.rtf");
        foreach (@{$rtf->{files}}){
                warn $_;
                warn $_->{filename};
                warn $_->{html},"//end//";
                warn "\n";


An OO API to Philippe Verdret's RTF::HTML::Convertor module.

Note that RTF::HTML::Convertor produces invalid HTML: see the test for details.

Define the class variable CHAT to have a value if you wish realtime output of what's going on.


Arguments in key=value> pairs:


the directory to process.

METHOD process

Does everything in one method call.

METHOD get_filenames

Optional argument is a directory to process: default is in $self-{dir}> required at construction time.

METHOD convert_files

Calls the RTF::HTML::Converter (see RTF::HTML::Converter) on every file in our files list: takes the filenames from the filename slot of each hash, and placing the resulting HTML into the html slot fo each hash.

METHOD convert_file

Accepts the object reference and the path to a file to convert. Pushes into the object's files array a hash with a key filename against the passed filename, and a key html with the value returned by the RTF::HTML::Converter (see RTF::HTML::Converter).

Incidentally returns a reference to the HTML created.

Does not check to see if the object already contains the processed result.

Does not use the object's dir slot.


Lee Goddard (


Copyright (C) Lee Goddard, 2002. All rights reserved. This software is made available under the same terms as Perl itself.