Prometheus::Tiny::Shared - A tiny Prometheus client with a shared database behind it


    use Prometheus::Tiny::Shared;

    my $prom = Prometheus::Tiny::Shared->new;


Prometheus::Tiny::Shared is a wrapper around Prometheus::Tiny that instead of storing metrics data in a hashtable, stores them in a shared datastore (provided by Hash::SharedMem, though this may change in the future). This lets you keep a single set of metrics in a multithreaded app.

Prometheus::Tiny::Shared should be a drop-in replacement for Prometheus::Tiny. Any differences in behaviour is a bug, and should be reported.



    my $prom = Prometheus::Tiny::Shared->new(filename => ...);

filename, if provided, will name an on-disk location to store the backing store. If not supplied, a temporary location will be created and destroyed when your program ends, so suitable for testing purposes. For best performance, this should be stored on some kind of memory-backed filesystem (eg Linux tmpfs). The store is not intended to be a persistant, durable store (Prometheus will handle metrics resetting to zero correctly), so you don't need to worry about backing it up or any other maintenance.

init_file, if set to true, will overwrite any existing data file with the given name. If you do this while you already have existing Prometheus::Tiny::Shared objects using the old file, strange things will probably happen. Don't do that.

The cache_args argument will cause the constructor to croak. Code using this arg in previous versions of Prometheus::Tiny::Shared no longer work, and needs to be updated to use the filename argument instead.


Bugs / Feature Requests

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