Perl::AtEndOfScope - run some code when a variable goes out of scope


  use Perl::AtEndOfScope;
  use Cwd;
    my $restorecwd=Perl::AtEndOfScope->new( sub{chdir $_[0]}, getcwd );
    chdir '/path/to/some/directory';
  # now we are back to the old cwd

  # or better using the undocumented "chdir FILEHANDLE"
  use Perl::AtEndOfScope;
    my $restorecwd=Perl::AtEndOfScope->new( sub{chdir $_[0]},
                                            do {opendir my $d, '.'; $d} );
    chdir '/path/to/some/directory';
  # now we are back to the old cwd


It's often necessary to do some cleanup at the end of a scope. This module creates a Perl object and executes arbitrary code when the object goes out of scope.


Perl::AtEndOfScope->new( $sub, @args )

the constructor. The code reference passed in $sub is called with @args as parameter list when the object is destroyed.

While $sub is executed the following variables are preserved:

  $@, $a, $b, $_, $., $!, $^E, $?

This list can grow in future versions.

$sub is executed within an eval block. You can check


to see if an exception has been thrown by it. $Perl::AtEndOfScope::EXC is not stringified.

If multiple Perl::AtEndOfScope objects are destroyed at the same time only the last exception thrown by one of them is saved.

DESTROY( $self )

the destructor.


Not an Exporter.


Torsten Foertsch, <>


Copyright (C) 2005-2008 by Torsten Foertsch

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.