Perinci::To::Doc::Role::Section - Role for class that generates documentation with sections


This document describes version 0.880 of Perinci::To::Doc::Role::Section (from Perl distribution Perinci-To-Doc), released on 2022-10-15.


This is a role for classes that produce documentation with sections. This role provides a workflow for parsing and generating sections, regulating indentation, and a gen_doc() method.

To generate documentation, first you provide a list of section names in doc_sections. Then you run gen_doc(), which will call gen_doc_section_SECTION() method for each section consecutively, which is supposed to append lines of text to doc_lines. Finally all the added lines is concatenated together and returned by gen_doc().


doc_sections => ARRAY

Should be set to the names of available sections.

doc_lines => ARRAY

doc_indent_level => INT

doc_indent_str => STR (default ' ' (two spaces))

Character(s) used for indent.


add_doc_section_before($name, $anchor)

add_doc_section_after($name, $anchor)




gen_doc() => STR

Generate documentation.

The method will first initialize doc_lines to an empty array [] and doc_indent_level to 0.

It will then call before_gen_doc if the hook method exists, to allow class to do stuffs prior to document generation. Perinci::To::Text uses this, for example, to retrieve metadata from Riap server.

Then, as described in "DESCRIPTION", for each section listed in doc_sections it will call gen_doc_section_SECTION.

After that, it will call after_gen_doc if the hook method exists, to allow class to do stuffs after document generation.

Lastly, it returns concatenated doc_lines.


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This role is used, among others, by: Perinci::To::* modules.

Perinci::To::Doc::Role::Section::AddTextLines which provides add_doc_lines to add text with optional text wrapping.


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 % prove -l

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