Path::Resolver::Role::FileResolver - a resolver that natively finds absolute file paths


version 3.100454


The FileResolver role is a specialized form of the Resolver role, and can be used in its place. (Anything that does the FileResolver role automatically does the Resolver role, too.)

FileResolver classes have a native type of Path::Resolver::Types::AbsFilePath (from Path::Resolver::Types). Basically, they will natively return a Path::Class::File pointing to an absolute file path.

FileResolver classes also have a default converter that will convert the AbsFilePath to a Path::Resolver::SimpleEntity, meaning that by default a FileResolver's entity_at will return a SimpleEntity. This entity will be constructed by reading the file in raw mode. In other words, it is the byte string contents of the file, not any decoded character string. If you want to a Unicode string of a file's contents, you must decode it yourself.


Ricardo Signes <>


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