Panotools::Makefile - Makefile creation


Simple object interface for generating Makefiles


Writing Makefiles directly from perl scripts with print and "\t" etc... is prone to error, this library provides a simple perl interface for assembling Makefiles.

Note GNU make syntax is assumed, i.e. on BSD systems where pmake is the default you will have to switch to gmake if you want to work with weirdly named targets containing special characters such as spaces or parentheses.


  use Panotools::Makefile;

Create a new Makefile object:

  my $makefile = new Panotools::Makefile;

Start adding items to the Makefile:

Rule() returns a new Panotools::Makefile::Rule object, Variable() returns a new Panotools::Makefile::Variable object and Comment() returns a new Panotools::Makefile::Comment object:

  my $var_user = $makefile->Variable ('USER');
  $var_user->Values ("Dr. Largio d'Apalansius (MB)");

  my $rule_all = $makefile->Rule ('all');
  $rule_all->Command ('echo', '$(USER_SHELL)', '>', 'My File.txt');

  $makefile->Comment ('.PHONY target isn't strictly necessary in this case');
  my $rule_phony = $makefile->Rule;
  $rule_phony->Targets ('.PHONY');
  $rule_phony->Prerequisites ('all');

Assemble all this into string that can be written to a Makefile:

  my $string = $makefile->Assemble;

..or write the Makefile:

  $makefile->Write ('/path/to/Makefile');

..or let the module execute rules with 'make' directly:

  $makefile->DoIt ('all') || warn "Didn't work :-(";

The following command will be executed, something that isn't possible with perl system() or exec(), and would otherwise require careful assembly with backticks:

  echo Dr.\ Largio\ d\'Apalansius\ \(MB\) > My\ File.txt

On the Windows platform you get appropriate quoting:

  echo "Dr. Largio d'Apalansius (MB)" > "My File.txt"