Returns the full command (interpreter, file name (maybe temporary) and arguments for both of them) for running the current document.

Optionally accepts a hash reference with the following arguments: 'debug' - return a command where the debugger is started 'trace' - activates diagnostic output 'perl' - path and exe name for the perl to be run 'perl_args' - arguments to perl to be used 'scipt' - path and name of script to be run 'script_args' - arguments to the script


Returns the @INC of the designated perl interpreter - not necessarily our own


Returns the Perl interpreter for running the current document.


Run the beginner error checks on the current document.

Shows a pop-up message for the first error.

Always returns 1 (true).


This method is called on two events:

Manually using the autocomplete-action (via menu, toolbar, hot key)
on every char typed by the user if the autocomplete-always configuration option is active

Arguments: The event object (optional)

Returns the prefix length and an array of suggestions. prefix_length is the number of characters left to the cursor position which need to be replaced if a suggestion is accepted.

If there are no suggestions, the functions returns an empty list.

In case of error the function returns the error string as the first parameter. Hence users of this subroution need to check if the value returned in the first position is undef meaning no result or a string (including non digits) which means a failure or a number which means the prefix length.

WARNING: This method runs very often (on each keypress), keep it as efficient and fast as possible!


This event fires once for every char which should be added to the editor window.

Typing this line fired it about 41 times!

Arguments: Current editor object, current event object

Returns nothing useful.

Notice: The char being typed has not been inserted into the editor at the run time of this method. It could be read using $event->GetUnicodeKey

WARNING: This method runs very often (on each keypress), keep it as efficient and fast as possible!


No arguments.

Returns the full path and file name of the Perl tags file for the current document.


Creates a tags file for the project of the current document. Includes all Perl source files within the project excluding blib.