PXP::ExtensionPoint - ExtensionPoint model class (used only in the
  internal registry)



An extension point is defined by a Plugin to allow other plugins to extend its fonctionnalities. An extension point is a slot that extensions can plug into.

This class is used only in the internal registry to store definitions of ExtensionPoints. Plugin developers MUST NOT use this class.

PXP::ExtensionPointInterface is a helper module providing the mandatory interface for objects implementing a new ExtensionPoint.

name, id, version

Basic accessors for plugin properties.


The object accessor returns the object associated with the extension point, i.e. the _real_ extension point, not the administrative structure maintained by the registry to track the extension point hierarchy.


The register method is called by the PluginRegistry when loading new Extensions into an ExtensionPoint. Internally, calls the actual 'register' method of the real object implementing the ExtensionPoint.

Return 'undef' if the extension is invalid or if no object has been mapped with the extension point.

Return the extension itself if it has been successfully added to the internal registry.


PXP::Plugin, PXP::PluginRegistry

See the article on describing the plugin architecture :

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