PPM::Make::Meta - Obtain meta information for a ppm package


  my $meta = PPM::Make::Meta->new(dir => $some_dir);
  foreach my $key (keys %{$meta->{info}}) {
    print "$key has value $meta->{info}->{$key}\n";


This module attempts to obtain meta-information from the sources of a CPAN distribution that is needed to make a ppm package. One first creates the object as

 my $meta = PPM::Make::Meta->new(dir => $some_dir);

with the required option dir => $some_dir specifying the name of the directory containing the source of the CPAN distribution. A call to


will then return available meta information as a hash reference $meta->{info}, where the keys are as follows.

NAME - the name of the distribution
DISTNAME - the distribution name
VERSION - the distribution's version
VERSION_FROM - a file where the VERSION can be obtained
ABSTRACT - the distribution's abstract
ABSTRACT_FROM - a file where the ABSTRACT can be obtained
AUTHOR - the distribution's author
PREREQ_PM - a hash reference listing the prerequisites


This program is copyright, 2006 by Randy Kobes ><. It is distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.