PPM::Make::Install - build and install a distribution via ppm


  my $ppm = PPM::Make::Install->new(%opts);


PPM::Make::Install is used to build a PPM (Perl Package Manager) distribution from a CPAN source distribution and then install it with the ppm utility. See PPM::Make for a discussion of details on how the ppm package is built. Available options are

ignore => 1

By default, PPM::Make::Install, when building the distribution, will die if all tests do not pass. Turning on this option instructs the module to ignore any test failures.

remove => 1

If specified, the directory used to build the ppm distribution will be removed after a successful install.

force => 1

By default, if PPM::Make::Install detects a blib/ directory, it will assume the distribution has already been made, and will not remake it. This option forces remaking the distribution.

upgrade => 1

Will do an upgrade of the specified package, if applicable.

dist => value

A value for dist will be interpreted either as a CPAN-like source distribution to fetch and build, or as a module name, in which case will be used to infer the corresponding distribution to grab.

program => { p1 => '/path/to/q1', p2 => '/path/to/q2', ...}

This option specifies that /path/to/q1 should be used for program p1, etc., rather than the ones PPM::Make finds. The programs specified can be one of tar, gzip, zip, unzip, or make.


This program is copyright, 2003, 2006 by Randy Kobes <>. It is distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.


PPM::Make, and PPM.