POE::Filter::FastCGI - Parse and create FastCGI requests


   $fastcgi = POE::Filter::FastCGI->new;
   $arrayref_with_binary_fastcgi_response = $fastcgi->put($put);
   $arrayref_with_fastcgi_request_array = $fastcgi->get($chunks);


Parses the FastCGI binary protocol into a perl array with the CGI environment and any POST or other data that is sent.

Accepts either POE::Component::FastCGI::Response objects or a simple hash reference via put and converts into the FastCGI binary protocol. The hash reference should have keys of requestid and content and an optional key of close to end the FastCGI request.


Copyright 2005, David Leadbeater All rights reserved.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

Some parts taken from FCGI's Pure Perl implementation.


This is rather tightly coupled with POE::Component::FastCGI, ideally there would be some form of intermediate perl object to use for FastCGI like POE::Filter::HTTPD can make use of HTTP::Request.

This code is pure perl, it's probably slow compared to FCGI (which is mostly C) and it doesn't handle as many record types as FCGI. However FCGI doesn't allow more than one concurrent request.


POE::Component::FastCGI, POE::Filter::HTTPD, POE::Filter.