PGXN::Site::Templates - HTML templates for PGXN::Site


  use PGXN::Site::Templates;
  Template::Declare->init( dispatch_to => ['PGXN::Site::Templates'] );
  print Template::Declare->show('home', $req, {
      title   => 'PGXN::Site',


This class defines the HTML templates used by PGXN::Site. They are used internally by PGXN::Site::Controller to render the UI. They're implemented with Template::Declare, but interface wise, all you need to do is show them as in the "Synopsis".




Wrapper template called by all page view templates that wraps them in the basic structure of the site (logo, navigation, footer, etc.). It also handles the title of the site, and any status message or error message. These must be stored under the title, status_msg, and error_msg keys in the args hash, respectively.

Full Page Templates


Renders the home page of the app.

Utility Functions


  h1 { T 'Welcome!' };

Translates the string using PGXN::Site::Locale.


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