PGXN::Site - Maintain and serve a PGXN web site


  pgxn_site_server --api-url \
                   --errors-from \
                   --errors-to \


PGXN is a CPAN-inspired network for distributing extensions for the PostgreSQL RDBMS. All of the infrastructure tools, however, have been designed to be used to create networks for distributing any kind of release distributions and for providing a lightweight static file JSON REST API.

This module provides a simple PGXN web site. All it needs is a PGXN::API-powered API to get the data it needs. Such an API can be accessed either remotely or via the local file system.

To run your own PGXN web server, just install this module and run the included <pgxn_site_server Plack server, passing it the following options:


The URL to use to access the PGXN::API server. Required.


A private URL to use to access the PGXN::API-powered API. Optional. Useful if you're serving the site and the API from the same box (or with access to the same file system) and want it to be fast: just specify a file: URL here and the API will be read directly from the file system. The api_url option will still be used for public URLs pointing to the API in the UI.


If you need to access private_api_url via a proxy server, provide the URL for that proxy server in this option.


An email address to which error emails should be sent. In the event of an internal server error, the server will send an email to this address with diagnostic information.


An email address from which alert emails should be sent.


An email address to which feedback emails should be sent. This email address will be provided as a clickable link.


The PGXN::Site class itself consists of a single class method.

Class Method


  say 'PGXN::Site ', PGXN::Site->version_string;

Returns a string representation of the PGXN::Site version.


David E. Wheeler <>

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