OrePAN2::Injector - Inject a distribution to your DarkPAN


    use OrePAN2::Injector;

    my $injector = OrePAN2::Injector->new(directory => '/path/to/darkpan');

        { author => 'MAHITO' },


OrePAN2::Injector allows you to inject a distribution into your DarkPAN.


my $injector = OrePAN2::Injector->new(%attr)

Constructor. Here %attr might be:

  • directory

    Your DarkPAN directory path. This is required.

  • author

    Default author of distributions. If you omit this, then DUMMY will be used.

    BETA: As of OrePAN2 0.37, the author attribute accepts a code reference, so that you can calculate author whenever injecting distributions:

        my $author_cb = sub {
            my $source = shift;
            $source =~ m{authors/id/./../([^/]+)} ? $1 : "DUMMY";
        my $injector = OrePAN2::Injector->new(
            directory => '/path/to/darkpan',
            author => $author_cb,
        #=> Acme-Hoge-0.03 will be indexed with author MAHITO

    Note that the code reference $author_cb will be executed under the following circumstances:

        * the first argument is the $source argument to the inject method
        * the working directory of it is the top level of the distribution in question
  • author_subdir

    This is an optional attribute. If present it means that directory elements will be created following the author. This can be useful, for instance, if you want to make your DarkPAN have paths that exactly match the paths in CPAN. Sometimes CPAN paths look something like the following:


    In the above case you can pass 'modules' as the value for author_subdir so that the path OrePAN2 creates looks like the above path.

$injector->inject($source, \%option)

Inject $source to your DarkPAN. Here $source is one of the following:

  • local archive file

    eg: /path/to/Text-TestBase-0.10.tar.gz

  • HTTP url


  • git repository

    eg: git://

    Note that you need to set up git repository as a installable git repo, that is, you need to put a META.json in your repository.

    If you are using Minilla or Milla, your repository is already ready to install.

    Supports the following URL types:

        git://        # tag
        git://         # branch

    They are compatible with cpanm.

  • module name

    eg: Data::Dumper

\%option might be:

  • author

    Author of the distribution. This overrides new's author attribute.




Copyright (C) tokuhirom.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


tokuhirom <>