ODO::Serializer::NTriples - Serialize statements to NTriples file format


 use ODO::Statement;
 use ODO::Serializer::NTriples;
 my @statements = ( ODO::Statement->new(...), ODO::Statement->new(...) );
 my $serialzed_text = ODO::Serializer::Ntriples->serialize(\@statements);
 # or ...
 ODO::Serializer::NTriples->serialize(\@statements, \*STDOUT);
 # or ... 
 open(OUTFILE, ">output") or die("Unable to open file named 'output' for writing");
 ODO::Serializer::NTriples->serialize(\@statements, \*OUTFILE);


Use the ODO::Serializer interface to serialze statements to NTriples format.


serialize( \@statements [, $output_file_handle ] )

Serialize the arrayref of ODO::Statement objects to NTriples text. If the output file handle is left unspecified the serialized text is returned.


Copyright (c) 2005-2006 IBM Corporation.

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