Net::SIP::NATHelper::Client - handle NAT/RTP forwarding using remote process


This module implements the interface of Net::SIP::NATHelper::Base but will talk with a remote process based on Net::SIP::NATHelper::Server while executing the methods.


new ( SOCKET )

Will create a new object which will talk with the remote process using the socket SOCKET. SOCKET is either a UNIX domain socket (in SOCK_STREAM mode) or an host:port specification in which case it will talk TCP through the socket.


It implements the method allocate_sockets, activate_session and close_session with the same arguments as given in Net::SIP::NATHelper::Server by calling rpc with the methods "allocate", "activate" resp. "close".

rpc ( METHOD,@ARG )

Makes a synchronous remote call to the server through the in the constructor specified socket and returns the result.

For calling the arguments will be put into a \@list which will be packet using Storable. A similar way the result comes back.