Net::LibNFS::Dirhandle - NFS directory handle



This class represents a libnfs directory handle. Its methods never block, so this class suits both blocking and non-blocking I/O.

See Net::LibNFS for how to create instances.


Unlike with Net::LibNFS::Filehandle, instances of this module automatically clean up after themselves. Thus, close() on instances of this class is generally unnecessary.


(NB: read() is listed twice below: once for scalar context, and again for list context.)

$dirent = OBJ->read()

Returns a single Net::LibNFS::DirEnt instance to represent a directory entry.

@dirents = OBJ->read()

Returns as many Net::LibNFS::DirEnt instances as are needed to finish reading the directory.

$loc = OBJ->tell( )

Like telldir(3).

$obj = OBJ->rewind()

Like rewinddir(3).