Net::LibNFS::Async::Filehandle - NFS filehandle (non-blocking I/O)


This class implements methods that mirror their counterparts in Net::LibNFS::Filehandle. The methods return promises whose resolution (or rejection) indicates the result of a given request on the filehandle.


The same issue as affects Net::LibNFS::Filehandle applies to this class.


Unless otherwise noted, the following all take the same inputs as their Net::LibNFS::Filehandle counterparts, and they return a promise whose resolution is:

The methods are:

  • OBJ->close()

  • OBJ->read( $SIZE )

  • OBJ->pread( $OFFSET, $SIZE )

  • OBJ->write( $BUFFER )

  • OBJ->pwrite( $OFFSET, $BUFFER )

  • OBJ->chmod( $MODE )

  • OBJ->chown( $UID, $GID )

  • OBJ->stat()

  • OBJ->fcntl( $CMD, @ARGS )

    (NB: Even if $CMD == NFS4_F_SETLK, the returned promise won’t resolve until we receive the NFS server’s response.)

  • OBJ->seek()

  • OBJ->sync()

  • OBJ->truncate( $LENGTH )

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