Module::License::Report::Object - Encapsulation of license information


Copyright 2005 Clotho Advanced Media, Inc., <>

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


    use Module::License::Report::Object;
    my $license = Module::License::Report::Object->new({...});
    print $license;                     # 'perl'
    print $license->source_file();      # 'META.yml'
    print $license->confidence();       # '100'
    print $license->package_version();  # '0.01'


This module is intended for use with Module::License::Report. You likely will never need to use the new() method, but the others will likely be useful.



Creates a new license instance. This is intended for internal use by Module::License::Report::CPANPLUSModule.


Returns the name of the license. This name is of the form used by Module::Build. See for the full list.

This method is called when $license is used in string context.


Returns a confidence in the license as a number between 100 (high) and 0 (low). These confidences are subjective, and reflect how direct the determination of the license was, versus how many heuristics were used. For example, a license specified in META.yml has a very high confidence, while a string like under the same license as Perl itself parsed from README is given lower confidence.


Returns the name of the file which specified the license, relative to the distribution folder. This might be undef if the license came from the CPAN DSLIP parameter.

For example: META.yml, README.txt, lib/Foo/


Like source_file(), but returns an absolute path.


Returns a machine-readable keyword that describes the source of the license. If more than one source was used, they are comma-separated. The list of keywords is: META.yml, DSLIP, Module, POD, and LicenseFile.


Returns a human-readable version of source_name().


Returns the name of the module that started the license search. So, if the license of package Foo-Bar is perl, this value could be any of Foo::Bar, Foo::Bar::Baz, Foo::Bar::Quux, etc.


Returns the CPAN package name for the distribution. For example, Foo-Bar.


Returns the version number of the CPAN package that was used to determine the license. For example, 0.12.03_01.


Returns the directory name of the extracted distribution. This is typically a subdirectory of .cpanplus somewhere.




Clotho Advanced Media Inc.,

Primary developer: Chris Dolan