MarpaX::Languages::C::AST::Callback::Option - Options for the Simple callback generic framework.


version 0.48


This module is describing the options for the Simple Callback framework. The new() supports these items:


A hash of topics. Value must be an integer. Any true value mean the topic is on. If corresponding callback has an associated method, then a reference to the return value of the method will be attached as a data to every topic, within an array reference. Take care: the return value of the eventual method will NOT be cloned when it is stored, neither when the topic level will change.


A persistence for the raised topics. Value can be 'any', 'level' or 'none'. 'any' means that if a new level of topics is created, it will inherit all raised topics from this method. 'level' means that the topics raised by this method stay alive but will not be propagated to an eventual new level. 'none' means that a new level of topics will be inherit no topic from this method. Default is 'none'. Eventual topic data will follow the persistence.

subscription (to topics)

A hash of subscription (to topics). Key can be a topic or a regexp. Any true value mean the subscription is on.

subscriptionMode (to topics)

It can be 'required' or 'optional'. Default is 'required'. When the value is 'required', it acts a a filter to eventual condition: all subscribed topics must have been raised. Otherwise, the callback remain eligible if its condition is true and there would be no subscribed topic raised.


An array of [ CODE ref, CODE ref arguments] executed as condition requirements for the callback. CODE ref first argument will be the reference to the callback object associated with these options followed by the eventual CODE ref arguments, and the eventual exec() arguments. If there is no condition, the callback can be eligible only via topic subscriptions. It is possible to specify the string "auto" instead of a CODE ref; then Callback will do a grep on the exec() arguments and compare it with the callback description. If there is something in the condition array, and if it returns false, callback will never be eligible, regardless if subscription to any topic would return true.


This is a string that can be 'or' or 'and', driving all the conditions in the condition array. Default is 'and'.


This is a number that gives the execution priority.


Jean-Damien Durand <>


This software is copyright (c) 2013 by Jean-Damien Durand.

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