MKDoc::Setup::Core - Deploys MKDoc::Core master directory.


  perl -MMKDoc::Setup -e install_core /usr/local/mkdoc-core


MKDoc::Core is an application framework which aims at supporting easy-ish installation and management of multiple MKDoc products onto multiple virtual hosts / websites.

Before you can install MKDoc::Core sites, you need to install MKDoc::Core in a master directory where the software can maintain various default configuration files and other things. You only need to do this once.


Perl 5.8.0 or greater
Apache + mod_perl
A decent Unix/Linux system.


First you need to choose a master directory for MKDoc::Core, e.g.


It is not necessary to be root in order to install MKDoc::Core, so it would be appropriate to create this directory as root and then change the permissions to an unprivileged user.

Then you need to run the MKDoc::Core setup as follows:

  perl -MMKDoc::Setup -e install_core /usr/local/mkdoc-core

The screen will look like this:

  1. MKDoc Directory        /usr/local/mkdoc-core

  D. Delete an option

  I. Install with the options above
  C. Cancel installation

Press 'i' and enter to proceed. Once this is done, provided there were no errors you should add the following line in your httpd.conf file:

  NameVirtualHost *
  Include /usr/local/mkdoc-core/conf/httpd.conf

If everything went OK, you should immediately proceed to installing your first MKDoc::Core site. Consult MKDoc::Setup::Site for details on how to do this.