Log::Dispatch::Wx - Object for logging through Wx::Log*


  use Log::Dispatch::Wx;

  my $file = Log::Dispatch::Wx->new( name      => 'file1',
                                     min_level => 'info',

  $file->log( level   => 'warning',
              message => "I've fallen but I am getting up\n" );


This module provides a simple object for logging to wxLog under the Log::Dispatch::* system.


  • new(%p)

    This method takes the same parameters as Log::Dispatch::Output::new.

  • log_message( message => $ )

    Sends a message to the appropriate output. Generally this shouldn't be called directly but should be called through the log() method (in Log::Dispatch::Output).


The logging levels used by Log::Dispatch are more fine-grained than what is offered by the wxWidgets log facility. The following mapping is used to determine which wxWidgets log function must be called:

    debug      Wx::LogDebug
    info       Wx::LogMessage
    notice         "
    warning    Wx::LogWarning
    error      Wx::LogError
    critical       "
    alert          "
    emergency      "


Mattia Barbon <>


Copyright (c) 2006 Mattia Barbon <>

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself