to enter Jaipo console:

    $ jaipo console

    > use Twitter           # enable Twitter service plugin
    > use Plurk             # enable Plurk service plugin
    > use RSS               # enable RSS plugin
    > use IRC               # enable IRC plugin

Jaipo will automatically save your configuration, you only need to use 'use' at first time.

to update status

    > :突然下起大雨。

to read all messeges > r

    Service |   User   | Message
    twitter    c9s       oh hohoho !
    plurk      xxx       剛喝完咖啡.

to read messages on

    > jaiku r

to read someone's messages on

    > jaiku r UnitedNation

to read public timeline

    > p

to check user's profile

    > jaiku w IsYourDaddy

setup location on Jaiku

    > jaiku l 我在墾丁,天氣情。

to update post to Twitter

    > twitter :雨停了

to reply to someone's post on Twiwter

    > twitter reply Someone 呆丸朱煮好棒

to send direct message to someone on twitter

    > twitter send mama 媽,我阿雄啦!

to follow someone on twitter

    > twitter follow mama

to send a message to a channel on Jaiku

    > jaiku #TVshow 媽,我上電視了!(揮手)

create a regular expression filter for twitter timeline

    > filter /cor[a-z]*s/i  :twitter

enter service-only mode

    > only twitter

    > only jaiku

Command Reference

Global Commands


read user updates


read friend updates


read global updates

Service Commands







setup service



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