Jacode4e - Converts JIS X 0213 Encodings with Round-Trip




  use FindBin;
  use lib "$FindBin::Bin/lib";
  use Jacode4e;
  $char_count =
  Jacode4e::RoundTrip::convert(\$line, $OUTPUT_encoding, $INPUT_encoding [, { %option }]);


Count of characters in $line




Converts encoding of $line from $INPUT_encoding to $OUTPUT_encoding then overwrites $line.

$OUTPUT_encoding and $INPUT_encoding cannot omit.

You can use mnemonic as encoding name of $INPUT_encoding and $OUTPUT_encoding:

  mnemonic      means
  cp932x        CP932X, Extended CP932 to JIS X 0213 using 0x9C5A as single shift
  cp00930       IBM CP00930(CP00290+CP00300), CCSID 5026 katakana
  keis78        HITACHI KEIS78
  keis83        HITACHI KEIS83
  keis90        HITACHI KEIS90
  jef           FUJITSU JEF (12 point size for printing with option OUTPUT_SHIFTING)
  jef9p         FUJITSU JEF ( 9 point size for printing with option OUTPUT_SHIFTING)
  jipsj         NEC JIPS(J)
  jipse         NEC JIPS(E)
  letsj         UNISYS LetsJ
  utf8          UTF-8.0 (aka UTF-8)
  utf8.1        UTF-8.1
  utf8jp        UTF-8-SPUA-JP, JIS X 0213 on SPUA ordered by JIS level, plane, row, cell

Round-trip conversion impossible, only for reference

  mnemonic      means
  cp932         Microsoft CP932, IANA Windows-31J
  cp932ibm      IBM CP932
  cp932nec      NEC CP932
  sjis2004      JISC Shift_JIS-2004

{ %option }

Hash reference "{ %option }" can omit.

You can following mnemonics as keys of hash reference "{ %option }":


    input record layout by 'S' and 'D' sequence

    'S' means one char as SBCS, 'D' means one char as DBCS

    each letter may optionally be followed by a number indicating the repeat count, see samples


    true means use output shift code, false means not use

    default is false


    output space code in DBCS/MBCS

  • GETA

    output geta code in DBCS/MBCS


    hash reference of FROM => TO override mapping { "\x12\x34"=>"\x56\x78", "\x9A\xBC"=>"\xDE\xFE", }

    (CAUTION! override also SPACE option)


Converts from cp00930 to cp932x using option ('INPUT_LAYOUT' => 'SSSDDDSSDDSDSD')

  use FindBin;
  use lib "$FindBin::Bin/lib";
  use Jacode4e::RoundTrip;
  while (<>) {
      $char_count =
      Jacode4e::RoundTrip::convert(\$_, 'cp932x', 'cp00930', {
          'OUTPUT_SHIFTING'  => 0,
          'SPACE'            => "\x81\xA2",
          'GETA'             => "\x81\xA1",
          'OVERRIDE_MAPPING' => { "\x44\x5A" => "\x81\x7C", },
      print $_;

Converts from cp00930 to cp932x using option ('INPUT_LAYOUT' => 'S3D3S2D2SDSD')

  use FindBin;
  use lib "$FindBin::Bin/lib";
  use Jacode4e::RoundTrip;
  while (<>) {
      $char_count =
      Jacode4e::RoundTrip::convert(\$_, 'cp932x', 'cp00930', {
          'INPUT_LAYOUT'     => 'S3D3S2D2SDSD',
          'OUTPUT_SHIFTING'  => 0,
          'SPACE'            => "\x81\xA2",
          'GETA'             => "\x81\xA1",
          'OVERRIDE_MAPPING' => { "\x44\x5A" => "\x81\x7C", },
      print $_;

Converts from utf8.1 to cp932ibm

  use FindBin;
  use lib "$FindBin::Bin/lib";
  use Jacode4e::RoundTrip;
  while (<>) {
      Jacode4e::RoundTrip::convert(\$_, 'cp932ibm', 'utf8.1', {});
      print $_;

Converts from utf8 to utf8.1

  use FindBin;
  use lib "$FindBin::Bin/lib";
  use Jacode4e::RoundTrip;
  while (<>) {
      $char_count =
      Jacode4e::RoundTrip::convert(\$_, 'utf8.1', 'utf8', {
                                # FULLWIDTH TILDE => WAVE DASH
          'OVERRIDE_MAPPING' => { "\xEF\xBD\x9E"  => "\xE3\x80\x9C", },
      print $_;


Wikipedia tells us Kanji shift code (means DBCS shift code) of each encoding of vendors. Jacode4e::convert() handle SI/SO(Shift In and Shift Out) code in $line automatically. If $line has no SI/SO code, we can use option "INPUT_LAYOUT" instead of SI/SO code.

Realistically saying, we have to use option "INPUT_LAYOUT" almost always, if $INPUT_encoding is any of enterprise encodings(cp00930, keis78, keis83, keis90, jef, jef9p, jipsj, jipse, and letsj). Because SI/SO codes are rarely used.

If $INPUT_encoding is any of cp932x, cp932, cp932ibm, cp932nec, and sjis2004, "INPUT_LAYOUT" option is unnecessary. Because SBCS and DBCS can be judged from the character string itself. However, you can also use "INPUT_LAYOUT" option to force conversion as SBCS.

                     SO(Shift Out)       SI(Shift In)
  $INPUT_encoding    KI(KANJI In)        KO(KANJI Out)
  mnemonic           switch to DBCS      switch to SBCS    %option
  'cp932x'           (nothing)           (nothing)         also 'INPUT_LAYOUT' => ...
  'cp932'            (nothing)           (nothing)         also 'INPUT_LAYOUT' => ...
  'cp932ibm'         (nothing)           (nothing)         also 'INPUT_LAYOUT' => ...
  'cp932nec'         (nothing)           (nothing)         also 'INPUT_LAYOUT' => ...
  'sjis2004'         (nothing)           (nothing)         also 'INPUT_LAYOUT' => ...
  'cp00930'          "\x0E"              "\x0F"            xor 'INPUT_LAYOUT' => ...
  'keis78'           "\x0A\x42"          "\x0A\x41"        xor 'INPUT_LAYOUT' => ...
  'keis83'           "\x0A\x42"          "\x0A\x41"        xor 'INPUT_LAYOUT' => ...
  'keis90'           "\x0A\x42"          "\x0A\x41"        xor 'INPUT_LAYOUT' => ...
  'jef'              "\x28" or "\x38"    "\x29"            xor 'INPUT_LAYOUT' => ...
  'jef9p'            "\x28" or "\x38"    "\x29"            xor 'INPUT_LAYOUT' => ...
  'jipsj'            "\x1A\x70"          "\x1A\x71"        xor 'INPUT_LAYOUT' => ...
  'jipse'            "\x3F\x75"          "\x3F\x76"        xor 'INPUT_LAYOUT' => ...
  'letsj'            "\x93\x70"          "\x93\xF1"        xor 'INPUT_LAYOUT' => ...
  'utf8'             (nothing)           (nothing)         
  'utf8.1'           (nothing)           (nothing)         
  'utf8jp'           (nothing)           (nothing)         


Jacode4e::convert() doesn't output SI/SO code on default. Thus, if you need SI/SO code then you have to use option "'OUTPUT_SHIFTING' => 1".

                     SO(Shift Out)       SI(Shift In)
  $OUTPUT_encoding   KI(KANJI In)        KO(KANJI Out)
  mnemonic           switch to DBCS      switch to SBCS    %option
  'cp932x'           (nothing)           (nothing)         
  'cp932'            (nothing)           (nothing)         
  'cp932ibm'         (nothing)           (nothing)         
  'cp932nec'         (nothing)           (nothing)         
  'sjis2004'         (nothing)           (nothing)         
  'cp00930'          "\x0E"              "\x0F"            'OUTPUT_SHIFTING' => 1
  'keis78'           "\x0A\x42"          "\x0A\x41"        'OUTPUT_SHIFTING' => 1
  'keis83'           "\x0A\x42"          "\x0A\x41"        'OUTPUT_SHIFTING' => 1
  'keis90'           "\x0A\x42"          "\x0A\x41"        'OUTPUT_SHIFTING' => 1
  'jef'              "\x28"              "\x29"            'OUTPUT_SHIFTING' => 1
  'jef9p'            "\x38"              "\x29"            'OUTPUT_SHIFTING' => 1
  'jipsj'            "\x1A\x70"          "\x1A\x71"        'OUTPUT_SHIFTING' => 1
  'jipse'            "\x3F\x75"          "\x3F\x76"        'OUTPUT_SHIFTING' => 1
  'letsj'            "\x93\x70"          "\x93\xF1"        'OUTPUT_SHIFTING' => 1
  'utf8'             (nothing)           (nothing)         
  'utf8.1'           (nothing)           (nothing)         
  'utf8jp'           (nothing)           (nothing)         


We implemented default space code below without arguing with others.

(We would appreciate any statistical information about its using.)

You can change the space code using option "SPACE" if you want.

  mnemonic           default code        %option
  'cp932x'           "\x81\x40"          
  'cp932'            "\x81\x40"          
  'cp932ibm'         "\x81\x40"          
  'cp932nec'         "\x81\x40"          
  'sjis2004'         "\x81\x40"          'SPACE' => "\x20\x20" for CP/M-86 compatible
  'cp00930'          "\x40\x40"          
  'keis78'           "\xA1\xA1"          
  'keis83'           "\xA1\xA1"          
  'keis90'           "\xA1\xA1"          
  'jef'              "\xA1\xA1"          'SPACE' => "\x40\x40" for 99FR-0012-2 and 99FR-0012-3 compatible
  'jef9p'            "\xA1\xA1"          'SPACE' => "\x40\x40" for 99FR-0012-2 and 99FR-0012-3 compatible
  'jipsj'            "\x21\x21"          
  'jipse'            "\x4F\x4F"          
  'letsj'            "\x20\x20"          'SPACE' => "\xA1\xA1" for EUC-JP like space
  'utf8'             "\xE3\x80\x80"      
  'utf8.1'           "\xE3\x80\x80"      
  'utf8jp'           "\xF3\xB0\x84\x80"  


If a character isn't included in $OUTPUT_encoding set, GETA code will be used instead of converted code.

The default GETA code is as follows. You can change GETA code using option "GETA" if you want.

GETA doesn't mean GETA, but means GETA-MARK.

GETA is Japanese wooden shoes that made for walk on paddy field. One GETA has two teeth, and they make GETA-MARK on the ground by bite the earth twice. Thus, GETA code is double byte code, or some time multibyte code.

  mnemonic           default code        %option sample
  'cp932x'           "\x81\xAC"          'GETA' => "\x81\xA1"
  'cp932'            "\x81\xAC"          'GETA' => "\x81\x9C"
  'cp932ibm'         "\x81\xAC"          'GETA' => "\x81\x9C"
  'cp932nec'         "\x81\xAC"          'GETA' => "\x81\x9C"
  'sjis2004'         "\x81\xAC"          'GETA' => "\x81\xFC"
  'cp00930'          "\x44\x7D"          
  'keis78'           "\xA2\xAE"          
  'keis83'           "\xA2\xAE"          
  'keis90'           "\xA2\xAE"          
  'jef'              "\xA2\xAE"          
  'jef9p'            "\xA2\xAE"          
  'jipsj'            "\x22\x2E"          
  'jipse'            "\x7F\x4B"          
  'letsj'            "\xA2\xAE"          
  'utf8'             "\xE3\x80\x93"      
  'utf8.1'           "\xE3\x80\x93"      
  'utf8jp'           "\xF3\xB0\x85\xAB"  

RAISON D'ETRE(Reason For Existence)

This software has been developed for use promotion of JIS X 0213.

Jacode4e::RoundTrip module can round-trip convert JIS X 0213 characters in Japanese main-frames or enterprise servers each other, using its user-defined area. The encodings that can be round-trip converted are cp932x, cp00930, keis78, keis83, keis90, jef, jef9p, jipsj, jipse, letsj, utf8, and utf8jp.

This table shows shortage to support JIS X 0213 in each encoding

                  Jacode4e     short-     user-def.  
 mnemonic        supported        age          area  
 cp932x             11,285          0            --  
 cp00930            11,257         28         1,880  
 keis78              8,011      3,274        27,170  
 keis83              8,011      3,274        27,170  
 keis90              8,012      3,273        27,170  
 jef, jef9p          8,871      2,414         3,102  
 jipsj, jipse        8,825      2,460         3,948  
 letsj               9,799      1,486         2,632  
 utf8               11,220         65         6,400  
 utf8.1             11,220         65         6,400  
 utf8jp             11,285          0            --  

cp00930 uses 28 code points from its user-defined area. Similarly, keis78 and keis83 use 3,274, keis90 uses 3,273, jef and jef9p use 2,414, jipsj and jipse use 2,460, letsj uses 1,486, utf8 and utf8.1 use 65.

Yes, you cannot use your gaiji on Jacode4e::RoundTrip module, you see.

Jacode4e::RoundTrip module doesn't work as Jacode4e. And Jacode4e module doesn't work as Jacode4e::RoundTrip, too.

This software is useful for processing your JIS X 0213 data by other system, and importing it again into your system.


  • Mnemonic is "cp932x"

  • CP932X is almost CP932

  • Pronounce [si: pi: nain thri: tu: kai] in English

  • Pronounce [shi: pi: kju: san' ni kai] in Japanese

  • We have reserved [si: pi: nain thri: tu: iks] for Microsoft Corporation-san

  • CP932 upper compatible

  • Supports JIS X 0213 character set

  • Used ghost character "\x9C\x5A" as single shift code

  • Used "\x9C\x5A\x9C\x5A" for single "\x9C\x5A"

  • You can use private use characters you made

  • You can use your operating system, network, and database

  • In almost all cases, application programs can be used as it is


  • Mnemonic is "utf8jp"

  • UTF-8-SPUA-JP is UTF-8

  • Internal character encoding of Jacode4e and Jacode4e::RoundTrip, universally

  • Implements JIS X 0213 character set on to Unicode Supplementary Private Use Area-A

  • Code point ordered by JIS level, plane, row, cell

  • Uniformly length encoding

  • No grapheme clustering, one character by uniquely code point

CP932 vs. CP932IBM

A merit of CP932IBM is that all of extended characters are outside of JIS row No.1 to No.94.

CP932IBM is useful when you transfer data to enterprise system.

The following is difference between CP932 and CP932IBM.

 #+++++++----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CP932X, Extended CP932 to JIS X 0213 using 0x9C5A as single shift
 #||||||| ++++------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Microsoft CP932, IANA Windows-31J
 #||||||| |||| ++++------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IBM CP932
 #||||||| |||| |||| ++++-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEC CP932
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| ++++--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JISC Shift_JIS-2004
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ++++---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IBM CP00930(CP00290+CP00300), CCSID 5026 katakana
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ++++----------------------------------------------------------------------------- HITACHI KEIS78
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ++++------------------------------------------------------------------------ HITACHI KEIS83
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ++++------------------------------------------------------------------- HITACHI KEIS90
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ++++-------------------------------------------------------------- FUJITSU JEF
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ++++--------------------------------------------------------- NEC JIPS(J)
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ++++---------------------------------------------------- NEC JIPS(E)
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ++++----------------------------------------------- UNISYS LetsJ
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| +++++++++------------------------------------- Unicode
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ||||||||| ++++++++++++------------------------ UTF-8.0 (aka UTF-8)
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ||||||||| |||||||||||| ++++++++++++----------- UTF-8.1
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ||||||||| |||||||||||| |||||||||||| ++++++++-- UTF-8-SPUA-JP, JIS X 0213 on SPUA ordered by JIS level, plane, row, cell
 #2345678 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 123456789 123456789012 123456789012 12345678
 8754     8754 FA4A 8754 8754 41F1 74B1 74B1 74B1 77DE 2D35 60F5  --  2160      E285A0       E285A0       F3B095BC
 8755     8755 FA4B 8755 8755 41F2 74B2 74B2 74B2 77DF 2D36 60F6  --  2161      E285A1       E285A1       F3B095BD
 8756     8756 FA4C 8756 8756 41F3 74B3 74B3 74B3 77E0 2D37 60F7  --  2162      E285A2       E285A2       F3B095BE
 8757     8757 FA4D 8757 8757 41F4 74B4 74B4 74B4 77E1 2D38 60F8  --  2163      E285A3       E285A3       F3B095BF
 8758     8758 FA4E 8758 8758 41F5 74B5 74B5 74B5 77E2 2D39 60F9  --  2164      E285A4       E285A4       F3B09680
 8759     8759 FA4F 8759 8759 41F6 74B6 74B6 74B6 77E3 2D3A 607A  --  2165      E285A5       E285A5       F3B09681
 875A     875A FA50 875A 875A 41F7 74B7 74B7 74B7 77E4 2D3B 605E  --  2166      E285A6       E285A6       F3B09682
 875B     875B FA51 875B 875B 41F8 74B8 74B8 74B8 77E5 2D3C 604C  --  2167      E285A7       E285A7       F3B09683
 875C     875C FA52 875C 875C 41F9 74B9 74B9 74B9 77E6 2D3D 607E  --  2168      E285A8       E285A8       F3B09684
 875D     875D FA53 875D 875D 41FA 74BA 74BA 74BA 77E7 2D3E 606E  --  2169      E285A9       E285A9       F3B09685
 8782     8782 FA59 8782 8782 446E 72BE 72BE 72BE 76FA 2D62 6059 A271 2116      E28496       E28496       F3B096A9
 8784     8784 FA5A 8784 8784 446F 72B8 72B8 72B8 76F6 2D64 6063  --  2121      E284A1       E284A1       F3B096AB
 878A     878A FA58 878A 878A 446D 73D0 73D0 73D0 78D5 2D6A 6069  --  3231      E388B1       E388B1       F3B096B1

CP932 vs. CP932NEC

A merit of CP932NEC is that all of extended characters are inside JIS row No.1 to No.94.

CP932NEC is useful when you convert data to EUC-JP encoding.

The following is difference between CP932 and CP932NEC.

 #+++++++----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CP932X, Extended CP932 to JIS X 0213 using 0x9C5A as single shift
 #||||||| ++++------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Microsoft CP932, IANA Windows-31J
 #||||||| |||| ++++------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IBM CP932
 #||||||| |||| |||| ++++-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEC CP932
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| ++++--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JISC Shift_JIS-2004
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ++++---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IBM CP00930(CP00290+CP00300), CCSID 5026 katakana
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ++++----------------------------------------------------------------------------- HITACHI KEIS78
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ++++------------------------------------------------------------------------ HITACHI KEIS83
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ++++------------------------------------------------------------------- HITACHI KEIS90
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ++++-------------------------------------------------------------- FUJITSU JEF
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ++++--------------------------------------------------------- NEC JIPS(J)
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ++++---------------------------------------------------- NEC JIPS(E)
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ++++----------------------------------------------- UNISYS LetsJ
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| +++++++++------------------------------------- Unicode
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ||||||||| ++++++++++++------------------------ UTF-8.0 (aka UTF-8)
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ||||||||| |||||||||||| ++++++++++++----------- UTF-8.1
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ||||||||| |||||||||||| |||||||||||| ++++++++-- UTF-8-SPUA-JP, JIS X 0213 on SPUA ordered by JIS level, plane, row, cell
 #2345678 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 123456789 123456789012 123456789012 12345678
 FA40     FA40 FA40 EEEF 86B3 41B1 74C1 74C1 74C1 77EB A2BD 428E  --  2170      E285B0       E285B0       F3B2AB9C
 FA41     FA41 FA41 EEF0 86B4 41B2 74C2 74C2 74C2 77EC A2BE 428F  --  2171      E285B1       E285B1       F3B2AB9D
 FA42     FA42 FA42 EEF1 86B5 41B3 74C3 74C3 74C3 77ED A2BF 4290  --  2172      E285B2       E285B2       F3B2AB9E
 FA43     FA43 FA43 EEF2 86B6 41B4 74C4 74C4 74C4 77EE A2C0 4291  --  2173      E285B3       E285B3       F3B2AB9F
 FA44     FA44 FA44 EEF3 86B7 41B5 74C5 74C5 74C5 77EF A2C1 4292  --  2174      E285B4       E285B4       F3B2ABA0
 FA45     FA45 FA45 EEF4 86B8 41B6 74C6 74C6 74C6 77F0 A2C2 4293  --  2175      E285B5       E285B5       F3B2ABA1
 FA46     FA46 FA46 EEF5 86B9 41B7 74C7 74C7 74C7 77F1 A2C3 4294  --  2176      E285B6       E285B6       F3B2ABA2
 FA47     FA47 FA47 EEF6 86BA 41B8 74C8 74C8 74C8 77F2 A2C4 4295  --  2177      E285B7       E285B7       F3B2ABA3
 FA48     FA48 FA48 EEF7 86BB 41B9 74C9 74C9 74C9 77F3 A2C5 4296  --  2178      E285B8       E285B8       F3B2ABA4
 FA49     FA49 FA49 EEF8 86BC 41BA 74CA 74CA 74CA 77F4 A2C6 4297  --  2179      E285B9       E285B9       F3B2ABA5
 FA55     FA55 FA55 EEFA  --  E9F5  --   --   --  76A1 A5FB 45FB  --  FFE4      EFBFA4       EFBFA4       F3B2ABB1
 FA56     FA56 FA56 EEFB 81AD 427D  --   --   --  76A2 A3F9 43EF  --  FF07      EFBC87       EFBC87       F3B2ABB2
 FA57     FA57 FA57 EEFC 81AE 427F  --   --   --  76A3 A3FA 43FA  --  FF02      EFBC82       EFBC82       F3B2ABB3
 FA5C     FA5C FA5C ED40 EDB5 51BF 67FE 67FE 67FE 5FDC C9D8 9AAE D463 7E8A      E7BA8A       E7BA8A       F3B2ABB8
 FA5D     FA5D FA5D ED41 EE8E 51DA 69E8 69E8 69E8 64B5 CEA9 A349 DC5F 891C      E8A49C       E8A49C       F3B2ABB9
 FA5E     FA5E FA5E ED42 EF58 51F7 6CC7 6CC7 6CC7 6AD9 D2B9 A789 E469 9348      E98D88       E98D88       F3B2ABBA
 FA5F     FA5F FA5F ED43 EF4D 524B 6CA3 6CA3 6CA3 69FE D1ED A6CF E378 9288      E98A88       E98A88       F3B2ABBB
 FA60     FA60 FA60 ED44 F8D3 527B 69AE 69AE 69AE 62C4 CCCA 9F9D D921 84DC      E8939C       E8939C       F3B2ABBC
 FA61     FA61 FA61 ED45 87B7 5294 59E4 59E4 59E4 42C7 B2F6 82EC B13B 4FC9      E4BF89       E4BF89       F3B2ABBD
 FA62     FA62 FA62 ED46 F580 529E 63FE 63FE 63FE 70E1 C2FE 93FE  --  70BB      E782BB       E782BB       F3B2ABBE
 FA63     FA63 FA63 ED47 EB54 52EB 60F8 60F8 60F8 51A3 BDBF 8E90 C22D 6631      E698B1       E698B1       F3B2ABBF
 FA64     FA64 FA64 ED48 EB89 5386 61DC 61DC 61DC 70CD BFB7 9087 C37C 68C8      E6A388       E6A388       F3B2AC80
 FA65     FA65 FA65 ED49 FB42 5394 6CBB 6CBB 6CBB 6AC9 D2B6 A786 E450 92F9      E98BB9       E98BB9       F3B2AC81
 FA66     FA66 FA66 ED4A EB56 5397 60D3 60D3 60D3 51FC BDD0 8EA5 C23F 66FB      E69BBB       E69BBB       F3B2AC82
 FA67     FA67 FA67 ED4B EAB8 53C7 5ED8 5ED8 5ED8 4CF6 BAC7 8A98 BC74 5F45      E5BD85       E5BD85       F3B2AC83
 FA68     FA68 FA68 ED4C 87A2 5644 59AC 59AC 59AC 41AC B2AB 8252 B029 4E28      E4B8A8       E4B8A8       F3B2AC84
 FA69     FA69 FA69 ED4D 87A6 565D 59C1 59C1 59C1 41E8 B2C2 8293 B048 4EE1      E4BBA1       E4BBA1       F3B2AC85
 FA6A     FA6A FA6A ED4E  --  5662 59C8 59C8 59C8 43CF B2D3 82A8  --  4EFC      E4BBBC       E4BBBC       F3B2AC86
 FA6B     FA6B FA6B ED4F F05E 5665 59C7 59C7 59C7 41EF B2CD 82A2 B052 4F00      E4BC80       E4BC80       F3B2AC87
 FA6C     FA6C FA6C ED50 87A9 5666 9FA1 9FA1 9FA1 41F0 B2CE 82A3 B054 4F03      E4BC83       E4BC83       F3B2AC88
 FA6D     FA6D FA6D ED51  --  566A 59CE 59CE 59CE 41FB B2DB 82BB B063 4F39      E4BCB9       E4BCB9       F3B2AC89
 FA6E     FA6E FA6E ED52 87AE 566E 59CB 59CB 59CB 42A8 B2D6 82AC B06E 4F56      E4BD96       E4BD96       F3B2AC8A
 FA6F     FA6F FA6F ED53 F06C 5670 59DB 59DB 59DB 42B5 B2EA 82CC B127 4F92      E4BE92       E4BE92       F3B2AC8B
 FA70     FA70 FA70 ED54 87B3 5671 59E0 59E0 59E0 42B3 B2E7 82B9 B123 4F8A      E4BE8A       E4BE8A       F3B2AC8C
 FA71     FA71 FA71 ED55 F06D 5674 59DA 59DA 59DA 42B9 BADA 8ABA B12C 4F9A      E4BE9A       E4BE9A       F3B2AC8D
 FA72     FA72 FA72 ED56 87B4 567B 59D9 59D9 59D9 42B7 B2E1 82B3 B129 4F94      E4BE94       E4BE94       F3B2AC8E
 FA73     FA73 FA73 ED57  --  5686 59E6 59E6 59E6 42CA B2F5 82EB B13E 4FCD      E4BF8D       E4BF8D       F3B2AC8F
 FA74     FA74 FA74 ED58 87BF 568A 5AA1 5AA1 5AA1 42E7 B3B2 8382 B15F 5040      E58180       E58180       F3B2AC90
 FA75     FA75 FA75 ED59 F07C 5691 59F1 59F1 59F1 42DF B3A1 8341 B158 5022      E580A2       E580A2       F3B2AC91
 FA76     FA76 FA76 ED5A  --  5694 59FA 59FA 59FA 43D0 B3B3 8383 B148 4FFF      E4BFBF       E4BFBF       F3B2AC92
 FA77     FA77 FA77 ED5B F07B 5698 59F3 59F3 59F3 42DE B3A6 8346 B157 501E      E5809E       E5809E       F3B2AC93
 FA78     FA78 FA78 ED5C F080 56A2 5AA7 5AA7 5AA7 42E9 B3C0 8391 B163 5046      E58186       E58186       F3B2AC94
 FA79     FA79 FA79 ED5D F087 56A3 5AAC 5AAC 5AAC 42F5 B3C3 8394 B174 5070      E581B0       E581B0       F3B2AC95
 FA7A     FA7A FA7A ED5E F07E 56A4 5AA6 5AA6 5AA6 42E8 B3C4 8395 B161 5042      E58182       E58182       F3B2AC96
 FA7B     FA7B FA7B ED5F 87C2 56A8 5AB0 5AB0 5AB0 42FC B3C6 8397 B223 5094      E58294       E58294       F3B2AC97
 FA7C     FA7C FA7C ED60  --  56B2 5ABE 5ABE 5ABE 43B9 B3D2 83A7  --  50F4      E583B4       E583B4       F3B2AC98
 FA7D     FA7D FA7D ED61  --  56B5 5AC1 5AC1 5AC1 43B2 B3D5 83AA B23B 50D8      E58398       E58398       F3B2AC99
 FA7E     FA7E FA7E ED62 87CD 56C9 5ACB 5ACB 5ACB 43D3 B3E8 83CA B266 514A      E5858A       E5858A       F3B2AC9A
 FA80     FA80 FA80 ED63  --  56CE 5AD3 5AD3 5AD3 43D9 B3F0 83DC B26D 5164      E585A4       E585A4       F3B2AC9B
 FA81     FA81 FA81 ED64 87D2 56DC 5AE1 5AE1 5AE1 43F2 B3F7 83ED B275 519D      E5869D       E5869D       F3B2AC9C
 FA82     FA82 FA82 ED65  --  56E8 5AE4 5AE4 5AE4 43F7 B4A2 8442 B27C 51BE      E586BE       E586BE       F3B2AC9D
 FA83     FA83 FA83 ED66  --  56EF 6DC3 6DC3 6DC3 44AC D4A8 A948  --  51EC      E587AC       E587AC       F3B2AC9E
 FA84     FA84 FA84 ED67 87DB 56F7 9FA3 9FA3 9FA3 44B4 B4B4 8484 B335 5215      E58895       E58895       F3B2AC9F
 FA85     FA85 FA85 ED68  --  574F 5AF0 5AF0 5AF0 44F7 B4C1 8492 B358 529C      E58A9C       E58A9C       F3B2ACA0
 FA86     FA86 FA86 ED69 F162 5750 5AF1 5AF1 5AF1 44D2 B4C3 8494 B35B 52A6      E58AA6       E58AA6       F3B2ACA1
 FA87     FA87 FA87 ED6A  --  5756 5AF7 5AF7 5AF7 44FA B4D0 84A5 B365 52C0      E58B80       E58B80       F3B2ACA2
 FA88     FA88 FA88 ED6B 87E5 5758 5BA1 5BA1 5BA1 44ED B4D8 84AE B36E 52DB      E58B9B       E58B9B       F3B2ACA3
 FA89     FA89 FA89 ED6C 87E9 5761 5BA9 5BA9 5BA9 45A3 B4E8 84CA B37B 5300      E58C80       E58C80       F3B2ACA4
 FA8A     FA8A FA8A ED6D 87EA 5763 5BAB 5BAB 5BAB 45A8 B4EC 84CE  --  5307      E58C87       E58C87       F3B2ACA5
 FA8B     FA8B FA8B ED6E F16D 576B 5BAF 5BAF 5BAF 45B3 B4EF 84DB  --  5324      E58CA4       E58CA4       F3B2ACA6
 FA8C     FA8C FA8C ED6F  --  577C 5BBC 5BBC 5BBC 45D2 B5A7 8547 B440 5372      E58DB2       E58DB2       F3B2ACA7
 FA8D     FA8D FA8D ED70 87F0 5780 5BC4 5BC4 5BC4 45DB B5AD 8554 B447 5393      E58E93       E58E93       F3B2ACA8
 FA8E     FA8E FA8E ED71 87F2 5787 5BC9 5BC9 5BC9 45E2 B5B1 8581 B450 53B2      E58EB2       E58EB2       F3B2ACA9
 FA8F     FA8F FA8F ED72  --  578B 5BCE 5BCE 5BCE 45F3 B5BC 858D B45E 53DD      E58F9D       E58F9D       F3B2ACAA
 FA90     FA90 FA90 ED73  --  578E 5BD3 5BD3 5BD3 45F2 B5BE 858F  --  FA0E      EFA88E       EFA88E       F3B2ACAB
 FA91     FA91 FA91 ED74 87F6 57A9 5BDB 5BDB 5BDB 46C4 B5D3 85A8 B52A 549C      E5929C       E5929C       F3B2ACAC
 FA92     FA92 FA92 ED75 F18C 57AE 5BDA 5BDA 5BDA 46C1 B5CF 85A4  --  548A      E5928A       E5928A       F3B2ACAD
 FA93     FA93 FA93 ED76 8840 57BD 5BE1 5BE1 5BE1 46C9 B5DC 85BC B52F 54A9      E592A9       E592A9       F3B2ACAE
 FA94     FA94 FA94 ED77 8842 57C0 5BE3 5BE3 5BE3 45FA B5E0 85B2 B544 54FF      E593BF       E593BF       F3B2ACAF
 FA95     FA95 FA95 ED78 8849 57DE 5BED 5BED 5BED 45F6 B5EE 85DA B568 5586      E59686       E59686       F3B2ACB0
 FA96     FA96 FA96 ED79  --  5860 5CB2 5CB2 5CB2 48C9 B6D6 86AC  --  5759      E59D99       E59D99       F3B2ACB1
 FA97     FA97 FA97 ED7A  --  5863 5CB6 5CB6 5CB6 48CA B6DE 86BE B742 5765      E59DA5       E59DA5       F3B2ACB2
 FA98     FA98 FA98 ED7B F1EA 586C 5CB9 5CB9 5CB9 48CB B6E3 86B5 B764 57AC      E59EAC       E59EAC       F3B2ACB3
 FA99     FA99 FA99 ED7C 886E 5870 5CBD 5CBD 5CBD 47F7 B6E5 86B7 B768 57C8      E59F88       E59F88       F3B2ACB4
 FA9A     FA9A FA9A ED7D 886D 5873 9FA6 9FA6 9FA6 47F6 B6E6 86B8 B767 57C7      E59F87       E59F87       F3B2ACB5
 FA9B     FA9B FA9B ED7E 886A 5877 5CBB 5CBB 5CBB 48CC B6E7 86B9  --  FA0F      EFA88F       EFA88F       F3B2ACB6
 FA9C     FA9C FA9C ED80 8876 5882 C4CD 5CC7 5CC7 C4CD 444D C4D4  --  FA10      EFA890       EFA890       F3B2ACB7
 FA9D     FA9D FA9D ED81 887C 588A 5CD1 5CD1 5CD1 48BB B7A8 8748  --  589E      E5A29E       E5A29E       F3B2ACB8
 FA9E     FA9E FA9E ED82  --  588C 5CD3 5CD3 5CD3 48CD B7AE 8755 B84E 58B2      E5A2B2       E5A2B2       F3B2ACB9
 FA9F     FA9F FA9F ED83 F259 58A1 5BCD 5BCD 5BCD 48D0 B7B8 8788 B861 590B      E5A48B       E5A48B       F3B2ACBA
 FAA0     FAA0 FAA0 ED84  --  58AD 5CE4 5CE4 5CE4 48E3 B7CB 879E B875 5953      E5A593       E5A593       F3B2ACBB
 FAA1     FAA1 FAA1 ED85 F264 58B0 5CE6 5CE6 5CE6 48E4 B7CF 87A4 B877 595B      E5A59B       E5A59B       F3B2ACBC
 FAA2     FAA2 FAA2 ED86 8889 58B1 5CE8 5CE8 5CE8 48E5 B7CE 87A3 B878 595D      E5A59D       E5A59D       F3B2ACBD
 FAA3     FAA3 FAA3 ED87  --  58B2 5CE9 5CE9 5CE9 48EB B7D3 87A8 B87C 5963      E5A5A3       E5A5A3       F3B2ACBE
 FAA4     FAA4 FAA4 ED88 888D 58BE 5CF4 5CF4 5CF4 49A3 B7DB 87BB B92F 59A4      E5A6A4       E5A6A4       F3B2ACBF
 FAA5     FAA5 FAA5 ED89  --  58C0 5CF7 5CF7 5CF7 49F0 B7E4 87B6 B937 59BA      E5A6BA       E5A6BA       F3B2AD80
 FAA6     FAA6 FAA6 ED8A 9875 58EC 5DB3 5DB3 5DB3 49F2 B8B4 8884 BA3E 5B56      E5AD96       E5AD96       F3B2AD81
 FAA7     FAA7 FAA7 ED8B F0A2 58FC 5DC2 5DC2 5DC2 4AC9 B8CA 889D BA5B 5BC0      E5AF80       E5AF80       F3B2AD82
 FAA8     FAA8 FAA8 ED8C ECC7 58FE 5DC5 5DC5 5DC5 4ABD B8CC 889F CD2A 752F      E794AF       E794AF       F3B2AD83
 FAA9     FAA9 FAA9 ED8D 9878 5942 5DC6 5DC6 5DC6 4AC0 B8CD 88A2 BA61 5BD8      E5AF98       E5AF98       F3B2AD84
 FAAA     FAAA FAAA ED8E 9879 5944 5DC7 5DC7 5DC7 4AC6 B8D4 88A9  --  5BEC      E5AFAC       E5AFAC       F3B2AD85
 FAAB     FAAB FAAB ED8F 987B 5951 5DD2 5DD2 5DD2 4AD4 B8E3 88B5 BA6B 5C1E      E5B09E       E5B09E       F3B2AD86
 FAAC     FAAC FAAC ED90 F0C1 5967 5DDE 5DDE 5DDE 4AF1 B8FB 88FB BB33 5CA6      E5B2A6       E5B2A6       F3B2AD87
 FAAD     FAAD FAAD ED91 9889 5968 5DDD 5DDD 5DDD 4AF3 B8F9 88EF BB38 5CBA      E5B2BA       E5B2BA       F3B2AD88
 FAAE     FAAE FAAE ED92  --  5970 5DE6 5DE6 5DE6 4BE4 B9A9 8949  --  5CF5      E5B3B5       E5B3B5       F3B2AD89
 FAAF     FAAF FAAF ED93 9891 5978 5DE8 5DE8 5DE8 4AFB B9B1 8981 BB4A 5D27      E5B4A7       E5B4A7       F3B2AD8A
 FAB0     FAB0 FAB0 ED94 9895 597F 5DF0 5DF0 5DF0 4BA3 C6B7 9787  --  5D53      E5B593       E5B593       F3B2AD8B
 FAB1     FAB1 FAB1 ED95 9892 5980 5DEC 5DEC 5DEC 4BD0 B9BA 898A  --  FA11      EFA891       EFA891       F3B2AD8C
 FAB2     FAB2 FAB2 ED96 F0D3 5984 5DEF 5DEF 5DEF 4BA2 B9BD 898E BB50 5D42      E5B582       E5B582       F3B2AD8D
 FAB3     FAB3 FAB3 ED97 9897 5987 9FA9 9FA9 9FA9 4BD3 B9C0 8991 BB5E 5D6D      E5B5AD       E5B5AD       F3B2AD8E
 FAB4     FAB4 FAB4 ED98 989C 5993 5EA3 5EA3 5EA3 4BDF B9D3 89A8 BB74 5DB8      E5B6B8       E5B6B8       F3B2AD8F
 FAB5     FAB5 FAB5 ED99 F0E5 5995 5EA5 5EA5 5EA5 4BE0 B9D5 89AA BB75 5DB9      E5B6B9       E5B6B9       F3B2AD90
 FAB6     FAB6 FAB6 ED9A  --  5997 5EA7 5EA7 5EA7 4BE5 B9DA 89BA BB79 5DD0      E5B790       E5B790       F3B2AD91
 FAB7     FAB7 FAB7 ED9B  --  59C7 5ED2 5ED2 5ED2 4CEB BABF 8A90 BC64 5F21      E5BCA1       E5BCA1       F3B2AD92
 FAB8     FAB8 FAB8 ED9C EAB4 59CB 5ED3 5ED3 5ED3 4CEE BAC1 8A92 BC6D 5F34      E5BCB4       E5BCB4       F3B2AD93
 FAB9     FAB9 FAB9 ED9D EABC 59D8 5FCA 5FCA 5FCA 4DA2 BAD1 8AA6 BC7E 5F67      E5BDA7       E5BDA7       F3B2AD94
 FABA     FABA FABA ED9E EAC3 59E8 5EE6 5EE6 5EE6 4DC0 BAEC 8ACE  --  5FB7      E5BEB7       E5BEB7       F3B2AD95
 FABB     FABB FABB ED9F EAC5 59F1 5EEE 5EEE 5EEE 4DC7 BAFE 8AFE BD42 5FDE      E5BF9E       E5BF9E       F3B2AD96
 FABC     FABC FABC EDA0  --  5A44 5EF8 5EF8 5EF8 4DCC BBA9 8C49 BD67 605D      E6819D       E6819D       F3B2AD97
 FABD     FABD FABD EDA1  --  5A51 5EF9 5EF9 5EF9 4EA8 BBB1 8C81  --  6085      E68285       E68285       F3B2AD98
 FABE     FABE FABE EDA2 F2CB 5A57 5EF6 5EF6 5EF6 4DD0 B5E5 85B7 BD70 608A      E6828A       E6828A       F3B2AD99
 FABF     FABF FABF EDA3  --  5A5F 5FA5 5FA5 5FA5 4EC1 BBC4 8C95 BE30 60DE      E6839E       E6839E       F3B2AD9A
 FAC0     FAC0 FAC0 EDA4 EAD3 5A65 5FA3 5FA3 5FA3 4EBD BBBD 8C8E BE2C 60D5      E68395       E68395       F3B2AD9B
 FAC1     FAC1 FAC1 EDA5  --  5A67 5FAA 5FAA 5FAA 4EED BBC9 8C9A  --  6120      E684A0       E684A0       F3B2AD9C
 FAC2     FAC2 FAC2 EDA6 F2D6 5A68 5FAD 5FAD 5FAD 4EC2 BBCE 8CA3 BE33 60F2      E683B2       E683B2       F3B2AD9D
 FAC3     FAC3 FAC3 EDA7  --  5A76 5FAF 5FAF 5FAF 4EEE BBD4 8CA9 BE3D 6111      E68491       E68491       F3B2AD9E
 FAC4     FAC4 FAC4 EDA8 EAD9 5A79 5FB1 5FB1 5FB1 4ED0 BBD6 8CAC BE4D 6137      E684B7       E684B7       F3B2AD9F
 FAC5     FAC5 FAC5 EDA9 EAD8 5A7E 5FB3 5FB3 5FB3 4ECE BBD8 8CAE BE49 6130      E684B0       E684B0       F3B2ADA0
 FAC6     FAC6 FAC6 EDAA F2E7 5A94 5FBE 5FBE 5FBE 4EDB B6A8 8648 BE64 6198      E68698       E68698       F3B2ADA1
 FAC7     FAC7 FAC7 EDAB  --  5AB5 5BD7 5BD7 5BD7 4EF7 BBF9 8CEF BF28 6213      E68893       E68893       F3B2ADA2
 FAC8     FAC8 FAC8 EDAC F341 5ADA 5FD6 5FD6 5FD6 4FB5 BCB1 8D81 BF49 62A6      E68AA6       E68AA6       F3B2ADA3
 FAC9     FAC9 FAC9 EDAD EAF2 5AFB 5FE2 5FE2 5FE2 4FED BCCC 8D9F C044 63F5      E68FB5       E68FB5       F3B2ADA4
 FACA     FACA FACA EDAE EAF8 5B50 5FEB 5FEB 5FEB 4FFA BCD9 8DAF C064 6460      E691A0       E691A0       F3B2ADA5
 FACB     FACB FACB EDAF F36F 5B53 5FEE 5FEE 5FEE 50A2 BCDB 8DBB C074 649D      E6929D       E6929D       F3B2ADA6
 FACC     FACC FACC EDB0 EAFA 5B54 5FF2 5FF2 5FF2 4FA7 BCDC 8DBC C126 64CE      E6938E       E6938E       F3B2ADA7
 FACD     FACD FACD EDB1  --  5B7E 5FF8 5FF8 5FF8 50C9 BCF0 8DDC  --  654E      E6958E       E6958E       F3B2ADA8
 FACE     FACE FACE EDB2 EB4B 5B97 60B3 60B3 60B3 51BD BDBD 8E8E C175 6600      E69880       E69880       F3B2ADA9
 FACF     FACF FACF EDB3 EB4D 5B98 60B1 60B1 60B1 51C4 BDB5 8E85 C17C 6615      E69895       E69895       F3B2ADAA
 FAD0     FAD0 FAD0 EDB4  --  4F9F B9B7 60B6 60B6 B9B7 3937 F9F7  --  663B      E698BB       E698BB       F3B2ADAB
 FAD1     FAD1 FAD1 EDB5 EB4C 5B9D 60AF 60AF 60AF 51C0 BDB7 8E87 C178 6609      E69889       E69889       F3B2ADAC
 FAD2     FAD2 FAD2 EDB6  --  5BA0 60BE 60BE 60BE 51A1 BDC2 8E93 C22B 662E      E698AE       E698AE       F3B2ADAD
 FAD3     FAD3 FAD3 EDB7 EB4E 5BA1 60C4 60C4 60C4 51C7 BDC4 8E95 C221 661E      E6989E       E6989E       F3B2ADAE
 FAD4     FAD4 FAD4 EDB8 EB51 5BA4 60B9 60B9 60B9 51CA BDC7 8E98 C225 6624      E698A4       E698A4       F3B2ADAF
 FAD5     FAD5 FAD5 EDB9 EB5D 5BA7 60D1 60D1 60D1 51D9 BDD6 8EAC  --  6665      E699A5       E699A5       F3B2ADB0
 FAD6     FAD6 FAD6 EDBA F39E 5BA8 60D6 60D6 60D6 52A1 BDE0 8EB2 C238 6657      E69997       E69997       F3B2ADB1
 FAD7     FAD7 FAD7 EDBB EB5A 5BAB 60D7 60D7 60D7 51D4 BDDE 8EBE C23A 6659      E69999       E69999       F3B2ADB2
 FAD8     FAD8 FAD8 EDBC  --  5BAE 60DD 60DD 60DD 51DE BDE4 8EB6  --  FA12      EFA892       EFA892       F3B2ADB3
 FAD9     FAD9 FAD9 EDBD EB5E 5BAF 60E1 60E1 60E1 51B3 BDE6 8EB8 C244 6673      E699B3       E699B3       F3B2ADB4
 FADA     FADA FADA EDBE F3AB 5BB4 60E6 60E6 60E6 51E5 BDF7 8EED C252 6699      E69A99       E69A99       F3B2ADB5
 FADB     FADB FADB EDBF EB63 5BB6 60EA 60EA 60EA 51AB C5D8 96AE C257 66A0      E69AA0       E69AA0       F3B2ADB6
 FADC     FADC FADC EDC0 EB64 5BB8 60EE 60EE 60EE 51EB BEA5 8F45 C25B 66B2      E69AB2       E69AB2       F3B2ADB7
 FADD     FADD FADD EDC1 F3B1 5BBB 60EF 60EF 60EF 51F1 BEAC 8F53 C25E 66BF      E69ABF       E69ABF       F3B2ADB8
 FADE     FADE FADE EDC2 EB6B 5BC7 60C7 60C7 60C7 52A2 BDD1 8EA6 C26D 66FA      E69BBA       E69BBA       F3B2ADB9
 FADF     FADF FADF EDC3  --  5BC8 60FC 60FC 60FC 52BC BEBC 8F8D C270 670E      E69C8E       E69C8E       F3B2ADBA
 FAE0     FAE0 FAE0 EDC4 EB6D 5BC9 61A7 61A7 61A7 52AD BEBE 8F8F  --  F929      EFA4A9       EFA4A9       F3B2ADBB
 FAE1     FAE1 FAE1 EDC5 EB6F 5BD8 61B2 61B2 61B2 70CE BEC8 8F99 C321 6766      E69DA6       E69DA6       F3B2ADBC
 FAE2     FAE2 FAE2 EDC6 EB77 5BE3 61BB 61BB 61BB 53B2 BED9 8FAF C335 67BB      E69EBB       E69EBB       F3B2ADBD
 FAE3     FAE3 FAE3 EDC7 EB7D 5BEC 61BE 61BE 61BE 52EE BEE5 8FB7 C349 6852      E6A192       E6A192       F3B2ADBE
 FAE4     FAE4 FAE4 EDC8 EB79 5BF0 9FAC 9FAC 9FAC 53B4 BEE8 8FCA C339 67C0      E69F80       E69F80       F3B2ADBF
 FAE5     FAE5 FAE5 EDC9 EB7C 5BF3 61CC 61CC 61CC 53C0 BEE2 8FB4  --  6801      E6A081       E6A081       F3B2AE80
 FAE6     FAE6 FAE6 EDCA F3DD 5BF9 61C6 61C6 61C6 53C7 BEF0 8FDC C358 6844      E6A184       E6A184       F3B2AE81
 FAE7     FAE7 FAE7 EDCB F3FB 5C5F 61DF 61DF 61DF 70CF BFBA 908A C37E 68CF      E6A38F       E6A38F       F3B2AE82
 FAE8     FAE8 FAE8 EDCC F3F7 5C66 61E0 61E0 61E0 70D0 BFBC 908D  --  FA13      EFA893       EFA893       F3B2AE83
 FAE9     FAE9 FAE9 EDCD EB98 5C6E 61E9 61E9 61E9 53ED BFC0 9091 C44C 6968      E6A5A8       E6A5A8       F3B2AE84
 FAEA     FAEA FAEA EDCE EB9A 5C78 61F8 61F8 61F8 70D1 BFD7 90AD  --  FA14      EFA894       EFA894       F3B2AE85
 FAEB     FAEB FAEB EDCF F455 5C79 65F4 65F4 65F4 52F4 C6AA 9751 C459 6998      E6A698       E6A698       F3B2AE86
 FAEC     FAEC FAEC EDD0 EBA0 5C90 61EF 61EF 61EF 70D2 BFE4 90B6 C46A 69E2      E6A7A2       E6A7A2       F3B2AE87
 FAED     FAED FAED EDD1 F460 5C9A 62A3 62A3 62A3 70D3 BFE5 90B7 C47D 6A30      E6A8B0       E6A8B0       F3B2AE88
 FAEE     FAEE FAEE EDD2 EBAE 5C9B 62A9 62A9 62A9 54AD BFE6 90B8  --  6A6B      E6A9AB       E6A9AB       F3B2AE89
 FAEF     FAEF FAEF EDD3 F472 5CA6 62AE 62AE 62AE 52E8 BFEC 90CE C527 6A46      E6A986       E6A986       F3B2AE8A
 FAF0     FAF0 FAF0 EDD4 EBAF 5CA9 62B2 62B2 62B2 54AF BFF0 90DC C535 6A73      E6A9B3       E6A9B3       F3B2AE8B
 FAF1     FAF1 FAF1 EDD5 F479 5CAF 62B3 62B3 62B3 54B0 BFF8 90EE C536 6A7E      E6A9BE       E6A9BE       F3B2AE8C
 FAF2     FAF2 FAF2 EDD6  --  5CB9 62B9 62B9 62B9 54BC C0A8 9148  --  6AE2      E6ABA2       E6ABA2       F3B2AE8D
 FAF3     FAF3 FAF3 EDD7 EBB6 5CBC 62B8 62B8 62B8 54BD C0A5 9145 C555 6AE4      E6ABA4       E6ABA4       F3B2AE8E
 FAF4     FAF4 FAF4 EDD8 EBC9 5CEA 62D0 62D0 62D0 54F8 C0CF 91A4 C638 6BD6      E6AF96       E6AF96       F3B2AE8F
 FAF5     FAF5 FAF5 EDD9 F4B3 5CF6 62D5 62D5 62D5 55B5 C0D9 91AF C657 6C3F      E6B0BF       E6B0BF       F3B2AE90
 FAF6     FAF6 FAF6 EDDA EBD0 5CF9 62D6 62D6 62D6 55BD C0DE 91BE C660 6C5C      E6B19C       E6B19C       F3B2AE91
 FAF7     FAF7 FAF7 EDDB EBD5 5CFD 62D8 62D8 62D8 55C3 C0E5 91B7 C66A 6C86      E6B286       E6B286       F3B2AE92
 FAF8     FAF8 FAF8 EDDC  --  5CFE 62D9 62D9 62D9 55BF C0EB 91CD C663 6C6F      E6B1AF       E6B1AF       F3B2AE93
 FAF9     FAF9 FAF9 EDDD F4C2 5D4E 62E2 62E2 62E2 55D3 C0F4 91EA C721 6CDA      E6B39A       E6B39A       F3B2AE94
 FAFA     FAFA FAFA EDDE EBDF 5D58 62E4 62E4 62E4 55DE C1A7 9247 C72B 6D04      E6B484       E6B484       F3B2AE95
 FAFB     FAFB FAFB EDDF EBE9 5D60 62EB 62EB 62EB 56A3 C1B6 9286 C747 6D87      E6B687       E6B687       F3B2AE96
 FAFC     FAFC FAFC EDE0  --  5D62 62F2 62F2 62F2 70DE C1C7 9298 C743 6D6F      E6B5AF       E6B5AF       F3B2AE97
 FB40     FB40 FB40 EDE1  --  5D6B 62EE 62EE 62EE 56A7 C1BF 9290 C74B 6D96      E6B696       E6B696       F3B2AE98
 FB41     FB41 FB41 EDE2 EBED 5D72 62FC 62FC 62FC 56AD C1CA 929D C74F 6DAC      E6B6AC       E6B6AC       F3B2AE99
 FB42     FB42 FB42 EDE3 F4E6 5D74 63A4 63A4 63A4 56B2 C1D9 92AF C759 6DCF      E6B78F       E6B78F       F3B2AE9A
 FB43     FB43 FB43 EDE4  --  5D7A 62FD 62FD 62FD 56B8 C1CD 92A2  --  6DF8      E6B7B8       E6B7B8       F3B2AE9B
 FB44     FB44 FB44 EDE5  --  5D7F 63A6 63A6 63A6 70DF C1DF 92BF  --  6DF2      E6B7B2       E6B7B2       F3B2AE9C
 FB45     FB45 FB45 EDE6 EBF4 5D80 63BD 63BD 63BD 55B1 C1D1 92A6 C766 6DFC      E6B7BC       E6B7BC       F3B2AE9D
 FB46     FB46 FB46 EDE7  --  5D8A 63B7 63B7 63B7 56C2 C1FB 92FB C76E 6E39      E6B8B9       E6B8B9       F3B2AE9E
 FB47     FB47 FB47 EDE8 EBF8 5D8E 63B4 63B4 63B4 56CF C1F3 92DF C77C 6E5C      E6B99C       E6B99C       F3B2AE9F
 FB48     FB48 FB48 EDE9 F4EE 5D93 63AE 63AE 63AE 56BE C1F4 92EA C76B 6E27      E6B8A7       E6B8A7       F3B2AEA0
 FB49     FB49 FB49 EDEA F4F1 5D95 63B8 63B8 63B8 56C3 C1F0 92DC C770 6E3C      E6B8BC       E6B8BC       F3B2AEA1
 FB4A     FB4A FB4A EDEB F543 5DA6 9FB6 9FB6 9FB6 56DF C2A8 9348 C831 6EBF      E6BABF       E6BABF       F3B2AEA2
 FB4B     FB4B FB4B EDEC EC4E 5DC1 63D8 63D8 63D8 56FE C2CE 93A3 C865 6F88      E6BE88       E6BE88       F3B2AEA3
 FB4C     FB4C FB4C EDED F560 5DCA 63DF 63DF 63DF 57AE C2DF 93BF C878 6FB5      E6BEB5       E6BEB5       F3B2AEA4
 FB4D     FB4D FB4D EDEE EC5A 5DD5 63E4 63E4 63E4 57B8 C2E4 93B6 C926 6FF5      E6BFB5       E6BFB5       F3B2AEA5
 FB4E     FB4E FB4E EDEF EC5B 5DD7 63EB 63EB 63EB 57B9 C2EF 93DB C92B 7005      E78085       E78085       F3B2AEA6
 FB4F     FB4F FB4F EDF0 F569 5DD8 63E8 63E8 63E8 57BA C2EE 93DA C92D 7007      E78087       E78087       F3B2AEA7
 FB50     FB50 FB50 EDF1 EC5D 5DE3 63F1 63F1 63F1 57BC C2F1 93DD  --  7028      E780A8       E780A8       F3B2AEA8
 FB51     FB51 FB51 EDF2 EC64 5DEA 63F8 63F8 63F8 57D1 C2FB 93FB C94A 7085      E78285       E78285       F3B2AEA9
 FB52     FB52 FB52 EDF3 EC66 5DED 63FD 63FD 63FD 57DE C2FC 93FC C953 70AB      E782AB       E782AB       F3B2AEAA
 FB53     FB53 FB53 EDF4 EC6B 5DF5 9FB9 9FB9 9FB9 58A6 C3A8 9448 C969 710F      E7848F       E7848F       F3B2AEAB
 FB54     FB54 FB54 EDF5 F58B 5DF6 64A5 64A5 64A5 58A5 C3A6 9446 C963 7104      E78484       E78484       F3B2AEAC
 FB55     FB55 FB55 EDF6 EC76 5DFB 64AD 64AD 64AD 57F1 C3B8 9488 C97C 715C      E7859C       E7859C       F3B2AEAD
 FB56     FB56 FB56 EDF7 EC71 5DFC 64AE 64AE 64AE 57EB C3B9 9489 C974 7146      E78586       E78586       F3B2AEAE
 FB57     FB57 FB57 EDF8 EC72 5DFD 64AF 64AF 64AF 57EC C3BC 948D C975 7147      E78587       E78587       F3B2AEAF
 FB58     FB58 FB58 EDF9 EC79 5E49 64B9 64B9 64B9 70E3 C3CE 94A3  --  FA15      EFA895       EFA895       F3B2AEB0
 FB59     FB59 FB59 EDFA EC7D 5E4B 64B4 64B4 64B4 57F6 C3D0 94A5 CA33 71C1      E78781       E78781       F3B2AEB1
 FB5A     FB5A FB5A EDFB EC81 5E5A 64C2 64C2 64C2 58A9 C3D5 94AA CA3D 71FE      E787BE       E787BE       F3B2AEB2
 FB5B     FB5B FB5B EDFC F5BB 5E73 64CC 64CC 64CC 58FA C3EB 94CD CA6F 72B1      E78AB1       E78AB1       F3B2AEB3
 FB5C     FB5C FB5C EE40 EC89 5E75 9FBA 9FBA 9FBA 58D6 C3EE 94DA CA71 72BE      E78ABE       E78ABE       F3B2AEB4
 FB5D     FB5D FB5D EE41  --  5E86 64D0 64D0 64D0 58ED C3FB 94FB CB2E 7324      E78CA4       E78CA4       F3B2AEB5
 FB5E     FB5E FB5E EE42 EC8F 5E8A 64CE 64CE 64CE 58EF C3F8 94EE  --  FA16      EFA896       EFA896       F3B2AEB6
 FB5F     FB5F FB5F EE43 F5D5 5E94 64D2 64D2 64D2 58F6 C4A5 9545 CB4A 7377      E78DB7       E78DB7       F3B2AEB7
 FB60     FB60 FB60 EE44  --  5E99 64DF 64DF 64DF 59BA C4BA 958A CB66 73BD      E78EBD       E78EBD       F3B2AEB8
 FB61     FB61 FB61 EE45 EC99 5E9E 64DB 64DB 64DB 59BC C4B8 9588 CB6A 73C9      E78F89       E78F89       F3B2AEB9
 FB62     FB62 FB62 EE46 EC9B 5E9F 64E4 64E4 64E4 59C0 C4C1 9592 CB70 73D6      E78F96       E78F96       F3B2AEBA
 FB63     FB63 FB63 EE47 EC9D 5EA1 64E5 64E5 64E5 59C3 C4C2 9593 CB74 73E3      E78FA3       E78FA3       F3B2AEBB
 FB64     FB64 FB64 EE48  --  5EA2 64E8 64E8 64E8 5AAC C4C6 9597 CB6E 73D2      E78F92       E78F92       F3B2AEBC
 FB65     FB65 FB65 EE49 EC9F 5EA7 64EB 64EB 64EB 59D0 C4C7 9598 CC25 7407      E79087       E79087       F3B2AEBD
 FB66     FB66 FB66 EE4A  --  5EA8 64EC 64EC 64EC 59C7 C4CB 959E CB79 73F5      E78FB5       E78FB5       F3B2AEBE
 FB67     FB67 FB67 EE4B ECA4 5EAA 64F5 64F5 64F5 59D7 C4D2 95A7 CC2B 7426      E790A6       E790A6       F3B2AEBF
 FB68     FB68 FB68 EE4C ECA6 5EAB 64F6 64F6 64F6 59DA C4D3 95A8 CC2E 742A      E790AA       E790AA       F3B2AF80
 FB69     FB69 FB69 EE4D  --  5EAD 64FC 64FC 64FC 59D9 C4DB 95BB CC2D 7429      E790A9       E790A9       F3B2AF81
 FB6A     FB6A FB6A EE4E ECA9 5EAE 64F8 64F8 64F8 59DD C4D7 95AD CC32 742E      E790AE       E790AE       F3B2AF82
 FB6B     FB6B FB6B EE4F ECB1 5EBC 65A8 65A8 65A8 5AAD C4ED 95CF CC42 7462      E791A2       E791A2       F3B2AF83
 FB6C     FB6C FB6C EE50 ECB6 5EBD 65AE 65AE 65AE 59F4 C4F3 95DF CC50 7489      E79289       E79289       F3B2AF84
 FB6D     FB6D FB6D EE51 ECB9 5EC0 65B2 65B2 65B2 59FB C4FB 95FB CC59 749F      E7929F       E7929F       F3B2AF85
 FB6E     FB6E FB6E EE52 ECC5 5ED1 65B9 65B9 65B9 5AB8 C5AC 9653  --  7501      E79481       E79481       F3B2AF86
 FB6F     FB6F FB6F EE53 ECC8 5EE7 65C3 65C3 65C3 5AD0 C5B4 9684 CD3B 756F      E795AF       E795AF       F3B2AF87
 FB70     FB70 FB70 EE54  --  5F69 65CA 65CA 65CA 5AFE C5D3 96A8  --  7682      E79A82       E79A82       F3B2AF88
 FB71     FB71 FB71 EE55 F68F 5F70 65CE 65CE 65CE 5BA4 C5D9 96AF CE3B 769C      E79A9C       E79A9C       F3B2AF89
 FB72     FB72 FB72 EE56 ECE1 5F71 65CF 65CF 65CF 5BA5 C5DA 96BA  --  769E      E79A9E       E79A9E       F3B2AF8A
 FB73     FB73 FB73 EE57 ECDF 5F72 65D1 65D1 65D1 5AFD C5DB 96BB CE3A 769B      E79A9B       E79A9B       F3B2AF8B
 FB74     FB74 FB74 EE58 ECE2 5F73 65D2 65D2 65D2 5BA9 C5DF 96BF CE43 76A6      E79AA6       E79AA6       F3B2AF8C
 FB75     FB75 FB75 EE59  --  5F7A 65D8 65D8 65D8 5BB7 C5E5 96B7  --  FA17      EFA897       EFA897       F3B2AF8D
 FB76     FB76 FB76 EE5A ECF0 5F8E 65E6 65E6 65E6 5BCC C5F2 96DE CE72 7746      E79D86       E79D86       F3B2AF8E
 FB77     FB77 FB77 EE5B F163 5FAA 65F6 65F6 65F6 44DC B4C7 8498 B35D 52AF      E58AAF       E58AAF       F3B2AF8F
 FB78     FB78 FB78 EE5C F6C1 5FAE 65F7 65F7 65F7 5BFC C6B1 9781 CF55 7821      E7A0A1       E7A0A1       F3B2AF90
 FB79     FB79 FB79 EE5D ED41 5FB2 65FA 65FA 65FA 5CA7 C6B5 9785 CF62 784E      E7A18E       E7A18E       F3B2AF91
 FB7A     FB7A FB7A EE5E F6C4 5FB3 66A1 66A1 66A1 5CAE C6BD 978E CF69 7864      E7A1A4       E7A1A4       F3B2AF92
 FB7B     FB7B FB7B EE5F  --  5FB6 66A5 66A5 66A5 5CB2 C6C4 9795 CF6D 787A      E7A1BA       E7A1BA       F3B2AF93
 FB7C     FB7C FB7C EE60 F6DC 5FD1 66AE 66AE 66AE 5CCE C6DA 97BA  --  7930      E7A4B0       E7A4B0       F3B2AF94
 FB7D     FB7D FB7D EE61  --  5FD2 66B0 66B0 66B0 70E5 C6DD 97BD  --  FA18      EFA898       EFA898       F3B2AF95
 FB7E     FB7E FB7E EE62 ED5B 5FD5 66BB 66BB 66BB 5CDA C6EB 97CD  --  FA19      EFA899       EFA899       F3B2AF96
 FB80     FB80 FB80 EE63 ED5C 5FD9 66C2 66C2 66C2 5CDC C6F7 97ED  --  FA1A      EFA89A       EFA89A       F3B2AF97
 FB81     FB81 FB81 EE64 F6E5 5FDC 66D0 66D0 66D0 5CE6 C7A3 9843 D065 7994      E7A694       E7A694       F3B2AF98
 FB82     FB82 FB82 EE65 ED60 5FDD 66D3 66D3 66D3 5CE4 C7A6 9846  --  FA1B      EFA89B       EFA89B       F3B2AF99
 FB83     FB83 FB83 EE66 F6E8 5FDF 66D4 66D4 66D4 5CE8 C7AA 9851 D069 799B      E7A69B       E7A69B       F3B2AF9A
 FB84     FB84 FB84 EE67 F758 604F 66FE 66FE 66FE 5DDD C7F2 98DE D168 7AD1      E7AB91       E7AB91       F3B2AF9B
 FB85     FB85 FB85 EE68 F759 6058 67A2 67A2 67A2 5DE1 C7F5 98EB  --  7AE7      E7ABA7       E7ABA7       F3B2AF9C
 FB86     FB86 FB86 EE69  --  6059 67A6 67A6 67A6 5DE5 C7F7 98ED  --  FA1C      EFA89C       EFA89C       F3B2AF9D
 FB87     FB87 FB87 EE6A ED77 605A 67A4 67A4 67A4 5DE4 C7F8 98EE D16C 7AEB      E7ABAB       E7ABAB       F3B2AF9E
 FB88     FB88 FB88 EE6B ED83 6082 67B7 67B7 67B7 5EA3 C8BB 998C D23B 7B9E      E7AE9E       E7AE9E       F3B2AF9F
 FB89     FB89 FB89 EE6C  --  60AD 67CC 67CC 67CC 5ED3 C8E8 99CA  --  FA1D      EFA89D       EFA89D       F3B2AFA0
 FB8A     FB8A FB8A EE6D EDA0 60C4 67DD 67DD 67DD 5EFD C9A7 9A47 D361 7D48      E7B588       E7B588       F3B2AFA1
 FB8B     FB8B FB8B EE6E EDA2 60C6 67E1 67E1 67E1 5EE0 C9AC 9A53 D368 7D5C      E7B59C       E7B59C       F3B2AFA2
 FB8C     FB8C FB8C EE6F F7C5 60D4 67EC 67EC 67EC 5FE4 C9B9 9A89 D427 7DB7      E7B6B7       E7B6B7       F3B2AFA3
 FB8D     FB8D FB8D EE70 EDA6 60DA 67EB 67EB 67EB 5FB6 C9B6 9A86  --  7DA0      E7B6A0       E7B6A0       F3B2AFA4
 FB8E     FB8E FB8E EE71 EDAA 60E1 67F1 67F1 67F1 5FBE C9BD 9A8E  --  7DD6      E7B796       E7B796       F3B2AFA5
 FB8F     FB8F FB8F EE72 EDB3 60FD 67FB 67FB 67FB 5FD6 C9D5 9AAA D454 7E52      E7B992       E7B992       F3B2AFA6
 FB90     FB90 FB90 EE73 EDB7 6157 68A5 68A5 68A5 5FE8 BFFB 90FB D472 7F47      E7BD87       E7BD87       F3B2AFA7
 FB91     FB91 FB91 EE74  --  616E 68AE 68AE 68AE 5FF7 C9F2 9ADE D52E 7FA1      E7BEA1       E7BEA1       F3B2AFA8
 FB92     FB92 FB92 EE75  --  6177 68B2 68B2 68B2 60A1 C9F6 9AEC  --  FA1E      EFA89E       EFA89E       F3B2AFA9
 FB93     FB93 FB93 EE76 EDEA 61F8 68DA 68DA 68DA 61D9 CBB4 9E84 D75E 8301      E88C81       E88C81       F3B2AFAA
 FB94     FB94 FB94 EE77 EDEB 6248 68DD 68DD 68DD 70E7 CBD3 9EA8  --  8362      E88DA2       E88DA2       F3B2AFAB
 FB95     FB95 FB95 EE78 F8B1 625B 68F2 68F2 68F2 61F0 CBD4 9EA9 D822 837F      E88DBF       E88DBF       F3B2AFAC
 FB96     FB96 FB96 EE79 EDFB 6267 68FC 68FC 68FC 61FE CCA1 9F41 D837 83C7      E88F87       E88F87       F3B2AFAD
 FB97     FB97 FB97 EE7A  --  6274 68F8 68F8 68F8 62AA CBF7 9EED D841 83F6      E88FB6       E88FB6       F3B2AFAE
 FB98     FB98 FB98 EE7B EE47 627E 69A3 69A3 69A3 70E8 CCB2 9F82 D851 8448      E89188       E89188       F3B2AFAF
 FB99     FB99 FB99 EE7C EE4E 628A 69AF 69AF 69AF 70E9 CCC3 9F94 D874 84B4      E892B4       E892B4       F3B2AFB0
 FB9A     FB9A FB9A EE7D F8EF 629E 69BE 69BE 69BE 62D1 CCEE 9FDA D946 8553      E89593       E89593       F3B2AFB1
 FB9B     FB9B FB9B EE7E EE57 62A1 69BF 69BF 69BF 62D4 CCEA 9FCC D948 8559      E89599       E89599       F3B2AFB2
 FB9C     FB9C FB9C EE80  --  62A8 69BA 69BA 69BA 62D9 CCED 9FCF D951 856B      E895AB       E895AB       F3B2AFB3
 FB9D     FB9D FB9D EE81 EE59 62B9 69C1 69C1 69C1 62E4 CCFD 9FFD  --  FA1F      EFA89F       EFA89F       F3B2AFB4
 FB9E     FB9E FB9E EE82 EE5F 62BB 69C9 69C9 69C9 62E5 CDA9 A249  --  85B0      E896B0       E896B0       F3B2AFB5
 FB9F     FB9F FB9F EE83 F957 62CE 69D0 69D0 69D0 70EA CDC2 A293  --  FA20      EFA8A0       EFA8A0       F3B2AFB6
 FBA0     FBA0 FBA0 EE84 F964 62E2 69D7 69D7 69D7 63DF CDD3 A2A8  --  FA21      EFA8A1       EFA8A1       F3B2AFB7
 FBA1     FBA1 FBA1 EE85  --  635E 69DA 69DA 69DA 63E0 CDE2 A2B4  --  8807      E8A087       E8A087       F3B2AFB8
 FBA2     FBA2 FBA2 EE86 EE8D 6390 69E6 69E6 69E6 63F9 CEA4 A344 DC53 88F5      E8A3B5       E8A3B5       F3B2AFB9
 FBA3     FBA3 FBA3 EE87 EE9D 63C5 69FE 69FE 69FE 64E4 CECA A39D DD48 8A12      E8A892       E8A892       F3B2AFBA
 FBA4     FBA4 FBA4 EE88 EEA0 63CB 6AA5 6AA5 6AA5 64EC CEDA A3BA DD54 8A37      E8A8B7       E8A8B7       F3B2AFBB
 FBA5     FBA5 FBA5 EE89 EEA6 63D4 6AAA 6AAA 6AAA 64DA CEDF A3BF DD6A 8A79      E8A9B9       E8A9B9       F3B2AFBC
 FBA6     FBA6 FBA6 EE8A EEA7 63DF 6AAB 6AAB 6AAB 65A7 CEE2 A3B4 DD7A 8AA7      E8AAA7       E8AAA7       F3B2AFBD
 FBA7     FBA7 FBA7 EE8B F9DE 63E1 6AAD 6AAD 6AAD 6BEA CEE3 A3B5 DE24 8ABE      E8AABE       E8AABE       F3B2AFBE
 FBA8     FBA8 FBA8 EE8C EEA9 63ED 6AB3 6AB3 6AB3 65B3 CEEC A3CE DE30 8ADF      E8AB9F       E8AB9F       F3B2AFBF
 FBA9     FBA9 FBA9 EE8D EEAC 63EE 6AB2 6AB2 6AB2 65B7 CEEA A3CC  --  FA22      EFA8A2       EFA8A2       F3B2B080
 FBAA     FBAA FBAA EE8E EEAB 63EF 6AB4 6AB4 6AB4 65B6 CEED A3CF DE35 8AF6      E8ABB6       E8ABB6       F3B2B081
 FBAB     FBAB FBAB EE8F  --  6445 6ABE 6ABE 6ABE 65C7 CEF8 A3EE DE4B 8B53      E8AD93       E8AD93       F3B2B082
 FBAC     FBAC FBAC EE90 F9ED 6450 6AC3 6AC3 6AC3 65D1 CEFE A3FE  --  8B7F      E8ADBF       E8ADBF       F3B2B083
 FBAD     FBAD FBAD EE91 FA4F 647C 6AD0 6AD0 6AD0 66AB CFBC A48D DF39 8CF0      E8B3B0       E8B3B0       F3B2B084
 FBAE     FBAE FBAE EE92 EEB8 647D 6ACF 6ACF 6ACF 65F9 CFBB A48C  --  8CF4      E8B3B4       E8B3B4       F3B2B085
 FBAF     FBAF FBAF EE93 EEBC 6485 6AD5 6AD5 6AD5 65F8 CFC2 A493 DF43 8D12      E8B492       E8B492       F3B2B086
 FBB0     FBB0 FBB0 EE94  --  648D 6AD8 6AD8 6AD8 66B9 CFC5 A496  --  8D76      E8B5B6       E8B5B6       F3B2B087
 FBB1     FBB1 FBB1 EE95  --  648E 6AD9 6AD9 6AD9 66C3 CFC7 A498  --  FA23      EFA8A3       EFA8A3       F3B2B088
 FBB2     FBB2 FBB2 EE96  --  64C9 6AE1 6AE1 6AE1 66ED CFDE A4BE E059 8ECF      E8BB8F       E8BB8F       F3B2B089
 FBB3     FBB3 FBB3 EE97 FA8E 64F1 6AEB 6AEB 6AEB 70F9 CFFD A4FD  --  FA24      EFA8A4       EFA8A4       F3B2B08A
 FBB4     FBB4 FBB4 EE98  --  6549 6AFA 6AFA 6AFA 70FB D0C2 A593  --  FA25      EFA8A5       EFA8A5       F3B2B08B
 FBB5     FBB5 FBB5 EE99  --  6553 6BA3 6BA3 6BA3 70FA D0CD A5A2 E162 9067      E981A7       E981A7       F3B2B08C
 FBB6     FBB6 FBB6 EE9A EEE5 6564 6BC7 6BC7 6BC7 68A6 D0EC A5CE  --  90DE      E9839E       E9839E       F3B2B08D
 FBB7     FBB7 FBB7 EE9B EEE8 6566 6BCA 6BCA 6BCA 68A8 D0F2 A5DE  --  FA26      EFA8A6       EFA8A6       F3B2B08E
 FBB8     FBB8 FBB8 EE9C EEEA 6567 6BCD 6BCD 6BCD 68DF D0F3 A5DF  --  9115      E98495       E98495       F3B2B08F
 FBB9     FBB9 FBB9 EE9D EEEE 656B 6BD1 6BD1 6BD1 68B0 D0F9 A5EF E247 9127      E984A7       E984A7       F3B2B090
 FBBA     FBBA FBBA EE9E FACC 6583 6BD9 6BD9 6BD9 69BE D1B8 A688 E328 91DA      E9879A       E9879A       F3B2B091
 FBBB     FBBB FBBB EE9F EEFA 6585 6BD8 6BD8 6BD8 69BC D1B7 A687 E326 91D7      E98797       E98797       F3B2B092
 FBBC     FBBC FBBC EEA0  --  6586 6BDA 6BDA 6BDA 69BF D1B9 A689 E329 91DE      E9879E       E9879E       F3B2B093
 FBBD     FBBD FBBD EEA1 EF41 658A 6BDC 6BDC 6BDC 69C5 D1BB A68C E32F 91ED      E987AD       E987AD       F3B2B094
 FBBE     FBBE FBBE EEA2 FAD0 658C 6BE1 6BE1 6BE1 69C6 D1C1 A692 E330 91EE      E987AE       E987AE       F3B2B095
 FBBF     FBBF FBBF EEA3 EEFC 658D 6BE0 6BE0 6BE0 69C0 D1BE A68F E32A 91E4      E987A4       E987A4       F3B2B096
 FBC0     FBC0 FBC0 EEA4 EF40 658F 6BDF 6BDF 6BDF 69C1 D1BD A68E E32B 91E5      E987A5       E987A5       F3B2B097
 FBC1     FBC1 FBC1 EEA5  --  6590 6BE5 6BE5 6BE5 69CD D1C6 A697 E33C 9206      E98886       E98886       F3B2B098
 FBC2     FBC2 FBC2 EEA6 EF44 6593 6BE9 6BE9 6BE9 69D1 D1C4 A695 E341 9210      E98890       E98890       F3B2B099
 FBC3     FBC3 FBC3 EEA7 FAD2 6595 6BE7 6BE7 6BE7 69D0 D1CB A69E E33F 920A      E9888A       E9888A       F3B2B09A
 FBC4     FBC4 FBC4 EEA8 EF47 659B 6BF2 6BF2 6BF2 69E1 D1DC A6BC E355 923A      E988BA       E988BA       F3B2B09B
 FBC5     FBC5 FBC5 EEA9 EF49 659E 6BEE 6BEE 6BEE 69E4 D1D6 A6AC E358 9240      E98980       E98980       F3B2B09C
 FBC6     FBC6 FBC6 EEAA EF48 659F 6BF3 6BF3 6BF3 69E2 D1D9 A6AF E356 923C      E988BC       E988BC       F3B2B09D
 FBC7     FBC7 FBC7 EEAB FADA 65A1 6BEF 6BEF 6BEF 69E8 D1DD A6BD E35F 924E      E9898E       E9898E       F3B2B09E
 FBC8     FBC8 FBC8 EEAC FADD 65A3 6BF1 6BF1 6BF1 69EE D1DB A6BB E363 9259      E98999       E98999       F3B2B09F
 FBC9     FBC9 FBC9 EEAD FADB 65A5 6BEC 6BEC 6BEC 69EA D1D1 A6A6 E361 9251      E98991       E98991       F3B2B0A0
 FBCA     FBCA FBCA EEAE EF46 65A6 6BED 6BED 6BED 69E0 D1D3 A6A8 E354 9239      E988B9       E988B9       F3B2B0A1
 FBCB     FBCB FBCB EEAF FAE1 65A8 6BF6 6BF6 6BF6 6BD2 D1E4 A6B6 E369 9267      E989A7       E989A7       F3B2B0A2
 FBCC     FBCC FBCC EEB0 FAED 65AB 6CA6 6CA6 6CA6 6AA7 D1EE A6DA E426 92A7      E98AA7       E98AA7       F3B2B0A3
 FBCD     FBCD FBCD EEB1  --  65AC 6CA8 6CA8 6CA8 69F7 D1EF A6DB E371 9277      E989B7       E989B7       F3B2B0A4
 FBCE     FBCE FBCE EEB2 EF4C 65AD 6CA5 6CA5 6CA5 69F8 D1E6 A6B8 E372 9278      E989B8       E989B8       F3B2B0A5
 FBCF     FBCF FBCF EEB3 FAFA 65B4 6CB1 6CB1 6CB1 6AC4 D1F9 A6EF E44B 92E7      E98BA7       E98BA7       F3B2B0A6
 FBD0     FBD0 FBD0 EEB4 FAF7 65B5 6CAC 6CAC 6CAC 6ABC D1F0 A6DC E441 92D7      E98B97       E98B97       F3B2B0A7
 FBD1     FBD1 FBD1 EEB5 FAF8 65B6 6CB8 6CB8 6CB8 6ABE D1F7 A6ED E443 92D9      E98B99       E98B99       F3B2B0A8
 FBD2     FBD2 FBD2 EEB6 FAF6 65B7 6CB3 6CB3 6CB3 6AB8 D2A4 A744 E43E 92D0      E98B90       E98B90       F3B2B0A9
 FBD3     FBD3 FBD3 EEB7  --  65B8 6CB7 6CB7 6CB7 6BD3 D2A6 A746  --  FA27      EFA8A7       EFA8A7       F3B2B0AA
 FBD4     FBD4 FBD4 EEB8  --  65B9 6CB5 6CB5 6CB5 6ABB D2A3 A743 E440 92D5      E98B95       E98B95       F3B2B0AB
 FBD5     FBD5 FBD5 EEB9 EF52 65BC 6CB0 6CB0 6CB0 6AC2 D1FE A6FE E447 92E0      E98BA0       E98BA0       F3B2B0AC
 FBD6     FBD6 FBD6 EEBA EF51 65BD 9FCA 9FCA 9FCA 6ABA D1F4 A6EA E43F 92D3      E98B93       E98B93       F3B2B0AD
 FBD7     FBD7 FBD7 EEBB EF57 65C1 6CC3 6CC3 6CC3 6AD5 D2B4 A784 E460 9325      E98CA5       E98CA5       F3B2B0AE
 FBD8     FBD8 FBD8 EEBC EF56 65C3 6CBE 6CBE 6CBE 6AD3 D2A9 A749 E45E 9321      E98CA1       E98CA1       F3B2B0AF
 FBD9     FBD9 FBD9 EEBD FB43 65C5 6CCD 6CCD 6CCD 69B3 D2AF A756 E451 92FB      E98BBB       E98BBB       F3B2B0B0
 FBDA     FBDA FBDA EEBE  --  65C6 6CC2 6CC2 6CC2 6BD4 D2B7 A787  --  FA28      EFA8A8       EFA8A8       F3B2B0B1
 FBDB     FBDB FBDB EEBF FB48 65C8 6CBF 6CBF 6CBF 6AD1 D2AB A752 E45C 931E      E98C9E       E98C9E       F3B2B0B2
 FBDC     FBDC FBDC EEC0 EF53 65C9 6CC1 6CC1 6CC1 6ACA D2B5 A785 E452 92FF      E98BBF       E98BBF       F3B2B0B3
 FBDD     FBDD FBDD EEC1 FB47 65CC 6CC4 6CC4 6CC4 6AD0 D2B3 A783 E45B 931D      E98C9D       E98C9D       F3B2B0B4
 FBDE     FBDE FBDE EEC2 FB44 65CE 6CC5 6CC5 6CC5 6ACC D2B2 A782 E454 9302      E98C82       E98C82       F3B2B0B5
 FBDF     FBDF FBDF EEC3 EF5E 65D0 6CCA 6CCA 6CCA 6AE4 D2BB A78C E47A 9370      E98DB0       E98DB0       F3B2B0B6
 FBE0     FBE0 FBE0 EEC4 FB4F 65D5 6CCC 6CCC 6CCC 6ADE D2C3 A794 E46F 9357      E98D97       E98D97       F3B2B0B7
 FBE1     FBE1 FBE1 EEC5  --  65D8 6CD8 6CD8 6CD8 6AF2 D2D3 A7A8 E533 93A4      E98EA4       E98EA4       F3B2B0B8
 FBE2     FBE2 FBE2 EEC6 EF62 65DD 6CE0 6CE0 6CE0 6AF9 D2DF A7BF E53F 93C6      E98F86       E98F86       F3B2B0B9
 FBE3     FBE3 FBE3 EEC7 EF63 65E4 6CDF 6CDF 6CDF 6BA3 D2DA A7BA E549 93DE      E98F9E       E98F9E       F3B2B0BA
 FBE4     FBE4 FBE4 EEC8  --  65E8 6CE6 6CE6 6CE6 6BAE D2E7 A7B9 E550 93F8      E98FB8       E98FB8       F3B2B0BB
 FBE5     FBE5 FBE5 EEC9  --  65F0 6CEF 6CEF 6CEF 6BBD D2F2 A7DE E562 9431      E990B1       E990B1       F3B2B0BC
 FBE6     FBE6 FBE6 EECA FB6C 65F4 6CF0 6CF0 6CF0 6BC5 D2F3 A7DF E56A 9445      E99185       E99185       F3B2B0BD
 FBE7     FBE7 FBE7 EECB  --  65F6 6CF1 6CF1 6CF1 6BC6 D2F4 A7EA E56B 9448      E99188       E99188       F3B2B0BE
 FBE8     FBE8 FBE8 EECC  --  664A 6CF8 6CF8 6CF8 6BE1 D2FC A7FC  --  9592      E99692       E99692       F3B2B0BF
 FBE9     FBE9 FBE9 EECD EF7C 6674 6DA2 6DA2 6DA2 68CC D3B9 A889  --  F9DC      EFA79C       EFA79C       F3B2B180
 FBEA     FBEA FBEA EECE  --  6678 6DA4 6DA4 6DA4 68E0 D3C0 A891  --  FA29      EFA8A9       EFA8A9       F3B2B181
 FBEB     FBEB FBEB EECF EF7D 6679 6DA5 6DA5 6DA5 68D4 D3C1 A892 E668 969D      E99A9D       E99A9D       F3B2B182
 FBEC     FBEC FBEC EED0 FB8C 667F 6DA6 6DA6 6DA6 68DB D3C4 A895 E66F 96AF      E99AAF       E99AAF       F3B2B183
 FBED     FBED FBED EED1 EF86 6697 9FCD 9FCD 9FCD 6CAC D3D4 A8A9 E72C 9733      E99CB3       E99CB3       F3B2B184
 FBEE     FBEE FBEE EED2 EF87 6699 9FCE 9FCE 9FCE 6CAD D3D5 A8AA  --  973B      E99CBB       E99CBB       F3B2B185
 FBEF     FBEF FBEF EED3  --  669E 6DAE 6DAE 6DAE 6CB0 D3D7 A8AD E72E 9743      E99D83       E99D83       F3B2B186
 FBF0     FBF0 FBF0 EED4 EF88 66A2 6DB0 6DB0 6DB0 6CB1 D3D9 A8AF  --  974D      E99D8D       E99D8D       F3B2B187
 FBF1     FBF1 FBF1 EED5 EF8A 66A3 9FCF 9FCF 9FCF 6CAE D3DB A8BB E731 974F      E99D8F       E99D8F       F3B2B188
 FBF2     FBF2 FBF2 EED6  --  66A4 6DB1 6DB1 6DB1 6CB3 D3DC A8BC  --  9751      E99D91       E99D91       F3B2B189
 FBF3     FBF3 FBF3 EED7 FB9C 66A5 6DB2 6DB2 6DB2 6CB5 D3DE A8BE E732 9755      E99D95       E99D95       F3B2B18A
 FBF4     FBF4 FBF4 EED8 EF9F 66CB 6DC1 6DC1 6DC1 6CF3 D4A1 A941 E831 9857      E9A197       E9A197       F3B2B18B
 FBF5     FBF5 FBF5 EED9 EFA3 66CC 6DC2 6DC2 6DC2 6CF7 D4A4 A944 E836 9865      E9A1A5       E9A1A5       F3B2B18C
 FBF6     FBF6 FBF6 EEDA  --  66DD 6DC5 6DC5 6DC5 6DB3 D4B3 A983  --  FA2A      EFA8AA       EFA8AA       F3B2B18D
 FBF7     FBF7 FBF7 EEDB  --  66DF 6DC6 6DC6 6DC6 6DB4 D4B4 A984  --  FA2B      EFA8AB       EFA8AB       F3B2B18E
 FBF8     FBF8 FBF8 EEDC  --  66E5 6DC8 6DC8 6DC8 6DBD D4B7 A987 E85D 9927      E9A4A7       E9A4A7       F3B2B18F
 FBF9     FBF9 FBF9 EEDD  --  66E6 6DC9 6DC9 6DC9 6DBE D4B8 A988  --  FA2C      EFA8AC       EFA8AC       F3B2B190
 FBFA     FBFA FBFA EEDE EFA9 66F9 6DCC 6DCC 6DCC 5CF3 D4C3 A994  --  999E      E9A69E       E9A69E       F3B2B191
 FBFB     FBFB FBFB EEDF EFB1 6759 6DD9 6DD9 6DD9 6DF6 D4D7 A9AD E951 9A4E      E9A98E       E9A98E       F3B2B192
 FBFC     FBFC FBFC EEE0  --  676B 6DD4 6DD4 6DD4 6EA4 D4DC A9BC  --  9AD9      E9AB99       E9AB99       F3B2B193
 FC40     FC40 FC40 EEE1 FC51 676C 6DDC 6DDC 6DDC 6EA7 D4DE A9BE E96D 9ADC      E9AB9C       E9AB9C       F3B2B194
 FC41     FC41 FC41 EEE2 EFC2 678F 9FD2 9FD2 9FD2 6ED0 D4F0 A9DC EA4D 9B75      E9ADB5       E9ADB5       F3B2B195
 FC42     FC42 FC42 EEE3 EFC1 6791 6DE0 6DE0 6DE0 6EEE D4EF A9DB  --  9B72      E9ADB2       E9ADB2       F3B2B196
 FC43     FC43 FC43 EEE4 EFC5 6793 6DE2 6DE2 6DE2 6ED8 D4F3 A9DF EA5B 9B8F      E9AE8F       E9AE8F       F3B2B197
 FC44     FC44 FC44 EEE5 FC69 679B 6DE5 6DE5 6DE5 6EDB D4FB A9FB EA66 9BB1      E9AEB1       E9AEB1       F3B2B198
 FC45     FC45 FC45 EEE6  --  679F 6DE7 6DE7 6DE7 6EEF D5A8 AA48 EA6A 9BBB      E9AEBB       E9AEBB       F3B2B199
 FC46     FC46 FC46 EEE7 EFCD 67B1 9FD3 9FD3 9FD3 6EE3 D5AF AA56 EB25 9C00      E9B080       E9B080       F3B2B19A
 FC47     FC47 FC47 EEE8 EFDC 67E2 9FD8 9FD8 9FD8 6FA3 D3C9 A89A EB7B 9D70      E9B5B0       E9B5B0       F3B2B19B
 FC48     FC48 FC48 EEE9 FCB2 67E4 6DF2 6DF2 6DF2 6FA1 D5D4 AAA9 EB7A 9D6B      E9B5AB       E9B5AB       F3B2B19C
 FC49     FC49 FC49 EEEA  --  67F4 6DF4 6DF4 6DF4 6FB2 D5DA AABA  --  FA2D      EFA8AD       EFA8AD       F3B2B19D
 FC4A     FC4A FC4A EEEB FCCD 67FE 6EAC 6EAC 6EAC 6FAE D5DC AABC EC56 9E19      E9B899       E9B899       F3B2B19E
 FC4B     FC4B FC4B EEEC EFF0 6856 6EA1 6EA1 6EA1 6FD6 D5EB AACD  --  9ED1      E9BB91       E9BB91       F3B2B19F

UTF-8.0 vs. UTF-8.1

The large character sets has always some problems. One of problem of UTF-8 is difference between Microsoft Corporation-san's definition and general definition. Already, in this software, "utf8" means Microsoft Corporation-san's definition. So we named the general UTF-8 "UTF-8.1" to distinguish them.

 Terminology and definitions
 UTF-8   [ju:ti:ef eit]         could mean sometimes UTF-8.0, sometimes UTF-8.x
 UTF-8.0 [ju:ti:ef hatten-zero] is Microsoft's definition of the UTF-8
 UTF-8.1 [ju:ti:ef hatten-ichi] is general definition of the UTF-8
 UTF-8.x [ju:ti:ef hatten-ekks] means both UTF-8.0 and UTF-8.1

The following is difference between UTF-8.0 and UTF-8.1.

 #+++++++----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CP932X, Extended CP932 to JIS X 0213 using 0x9C5A as single shift
 #||||||| ++++------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Microsoft CP932, IANA Windows-31J
 #||||||| |||| ++++------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IBM CP932
 #||||||| |||| |||| ++++-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEC CP932
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| ++++--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JISC Shift_JIS-2004
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ++++---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IBM CP00930(CP00290+CP00300), CCSID 5026 katakana
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ++++----------------------------------------------------------------------------- HITACHI KEIS78
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ++++------------------------------------------------------------------------ HITACHI KEIS83
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ++++------------------------------------------------------------------- HITACHI KEIS90
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ++++-------------------------------------------------------------- FUJITSU JEF
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ++++--------------------------------------------------------- NEC JIPS(J)
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ++++---------------------------------------------------- NEC JIPS(E)
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ++++----------------------------------------------- UNISYS LetsJ
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| +++++++++------------------------------------- Unicode
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ||||||||| ++++++++++++------------------------ UTF-8.0 (aka UTF-8)
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ||||||||| |||||||||||| ++++++++++++----------- UTF-8.1
 #||||||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||| ||||||||| |||||||||||| |||||||||||| ++++++++-- UTF-8-SPUA-JP, JIS X 0213 on SPUA ordered by JIS level, plane, row, cell
 #2345678 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 123456789 123456789012 123456789012 12345678
 815C     815C 815C 815C  --  DDB7 A1BD A1BD A1BD A1BD 213D 4F7E A1BD 2015      E28095       E28094       F3B0849C
 8161     8161 8161 8161 81D2 DFE5 A1C2 A1C2 A1C2 A1C2 2142 4FC2  --  2225      E288A5       E28096       F3B084A1
 817C     817C 817C 817C 81AF E9F3 A1DD A1DD A1DD A1DD 215D 4F5A  --  FF0D      EFBC8D       E28892       F3B084BC
 9C5A815C  --   --   --  815C 444A  --   --   --   --   --   --   --  2014      E28094       E28095       F3B2B4AC
 9C5A8161  --   --   --  8161 447C  --   --   --   --   --   --  A1C2 2016      E28096       E288A5       F3B2B4B1
 9C5A817C  --   --   --  817C 4260  --   --   --   --   --   --  A1DD 2212      E28892       EFBC8D       F3B2B58C


Mapping of Jacode4e version or earlier has following errata:

KEIS78, KEIS83, and KEIS90

Mapping of 'keis78', 'keis83', and 'keis90' had following errata:

               or later              or older
  芺 U+82BA    KEIS:(no mapping)     KEIS:68CF
  覀 U+8980    KEIS:(no mapping)     KEIS:59A9
  麽 U+9EBD    KEIS:6DFB             KEIS:5EC3


Mapping of 'jef' and 'jef9p' had following errata:

               or later              or older
  漼 U+6F3C    JEF:(no mapping)      JEF:56F3
  臽 U+81FD    JEF:(no mapping)      JEF:52E1
  海 U+FA45    JEF:55FB              JEF:53FA
  渚 U+FA46    JEF:BDED              JEF:55FB
  漢 U+FA47    JEF:56E6              JEF:BDED
  煮 U+FA48    JEF:58A7              JEF:56E6
  爫 U+FA49    JEF:(no mapping)      JEF:58A7
  社 U+FA4C    JEF:5CD3              JEF:5CB3
  祉 U+FA4D    JEF:5CD5              JEF:5CD3
  祈 U+FA4E    JEF:5CD4              JEF:5CD5
  祐 U+FA4F    JEF:5CD6              JEF:5CD4
  祖 U+FA50    JEF:5CD7              JEF:5CD6
  祝 U+FA51    JEF:5CD9              JEF:5CD7
  禍 U+FA52    JEF:5CE2              JEF:5CD9
  禎 U+FA53    JEF:5CE3              JEF:5CE2
  穀 U+FA54    JEF:5CF4              JEF:5CE3
  突 U+FA55    JEF:5DCD              JEF:5CF4
  縉 U+FA58    JEF:(no mapping)      JEF:5FC8
  署 U+FA5A    JEF:5FF0              JEF:5EE3
  者 U+FA5B    JEF:60B5              JEF:5FF0
  臭 U+FA5C    JEF:60E3              JEF:60B5
  艹 U+FA5D    JEF:(no mapping)      JEF:60E3
  ~ U+FF5E    JEF:(no mapping)      JEF:A1C1


Mapping of 'jipsj' had following errata:

               or later              or older
  Ý  U+00DD    JIPSJ:(no mapping)    JIPSJ:A5B1
  耰 U+8030    JIPSJ:(no mapping)    JIPSJ:CAAB


Mapping of 'jipse' had following errata:

               or later              or older
  Ý  U+00DD    JIPSE:(no mapping)    JIPSE:4581
  耰 U+8030    JIPSE:(no mapping)    JIPSE:9D52


perl version 5.005_03 to newest perl


            Jacode4e  Jacode4e::RoundTrip
  1993 Perl4.036       |                     |                                    
    :     :            :                     :                                    
  1999 Perl5.00503     |                     |         |               |          
  2000 Perl5.6         |                     |         |               |          
  2002 Perl5.8         |         Born        |         |               |          
  2007 Perl5.10        V          |          |         |               |          
  2010 Perl5.12       EOL         |         Born       |               |          
  2011 Perl5.14                   |          |         |               |          
  2012 Perl5.16                   |          |         |               |          
  2013 Perl5.18                   |          |         |               |          
  2014 Perl5.20                   |          |         |               |          
  2015 Perl5.22                   |          |         |               |          
  2016 Perl5.24                   |          |         |               |          
  2017 Perl5.26                   |          |         |               |          
  2018 Perl5.28                   |          |        Born            Born        
  2019 Perl5.30                   |          |         |               |          
  2020 Perl5.32                   :          :         :               :          
  2030 Perl5.52                   :          :         :               :          
  2040 Perl5.72                   :          :         :               :          
  2050 Perl5.92                   :          :         :               :          
  2060 Perl5.112                  :          :         :               :          
  2070 Perl5.132                  :          :         :               :          
  2080 Perl5.152                  :          :         :               :          
  2090 Perl5.172                  :          :         :               :          
  2100 Perl5.192                  :          :         :               :          
  2110 Perl5.212                  :          :         :               :          
  2120 Perl5.232                  :          :         :               :          
    :     :                       V          V         V               V          

Why and how to CP932X Born?

In order to know why CP932X exists the way it is, one must first know why CP932X born.

Q1) Is CCS of JIS X 0208 enough?

A1) No. Often we require GAIJI.

Q2) Is CCS of JIS X 0213 enough?

A2) It's not perfect, but enough for many people.

Q3) Is CES by UTF-8 good?

A3) No. On Japanese information processing, it's unstable and not popular still now.

Q4) Is CES by Shift_JIS-2004 good?

A4) No. Because Shift_JIS-2004 cannot support very popular CP932 and your GAIJI. We need a realistic solution to solving real problem.

Q5) Is escape sequence good idea to support CCS of JIS X 0213?

A5) No. Because the programming is so hard.

Q6) Which character is best for single shift code to support CCS of JIS X 0213?

  • The single shift code must be a DBCS code, because field with DBCS type cannot store SBCS code in some cases

  • Moreover, all GAIJI code points must be yours

  • The impact of this solution must be minimum

A6) We selected "1-55-27" for single shift code. Because it called "ghost character" and cannot use any purpose

How To Update This Distribution

Someday all authors of Jacode4e::RoundTrip module may get run over by a bus.

So we write here how to update this distribution for you.

We wish you good luck.

  1. (MUST) update file "lib/Jacode4e/"

  2. (MUST) update $VERSION of file "lib/Jacode4e/"

  3. (MUST) append to change log to file "Changes"

  4. (if you need) update file "README"

  5. (if you need) update or add files "t/*.t"

  6. (if you need) update file "MANIFEST"

  7. repeat command: pmake test [Enter] until all tests PASS

  8. type command: pmake dist [Enter]

  9. upload *.tar.gz to PAUSE(The [Perl programming] Authors Upload Server)


INABA Hitoshi in a CPAN

This project was originated by INABA Hitoshi.


This software is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See perlartistic.

This software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


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 JIPS code book, Culti Co.,Ltd.

 NEC Corporation Standard character set dictionary <BASIC>

 NEC Corporation Standard character set dictionary <EXTENSION>

 ClearPath Enterprise Servers MultiLingual System Administration, Operations, and Programming Guide ClearPath MCP 15.0 April 2013 8600 0288-308

 Heterogeneous database cooperation among heterogeneous OS environments


 ANSI X3.4-1968 (US-ASCII) with 0x60/0x27 as left/right single quotation mark to Unicode

 JIS X 0201 (1976) to Unicode 1.1 Table

 JIS X 0208 (1990) to Unicode

 JIS X 0212 (1990) to Unicode

 cp932 to Unicode table

 Shift_JIS-2004 to Unicode table

 UTF-8, a transformation format of ISO 10646

 iDIVO Ver.1.4.0

 Kanji shift code


 CJKV Information Processing

 Very old fj.kanji discussion Perl library for Japanese character code conversion, Kazumasa Utashiro

 jacode - Perl program for Japanese character code conversion

 Jacode4e - Converts Character Encodings for Enterprise in Japan

 Jacode4e::RoundTrip - Converts JIS X 0213 Encodings with Round-Trip

 Modern::Open - Autovivification, Autodie, and 3-args open support



Thank on good luck and all stakeholders, we could make this software.

We received character code table of KEIS, JEF, and JIPS by electronic data from Culti Co.,Ltd.-san. Moreover, they allowed that we make open source software using it.

Thank you, Culti Co.,Ltd-san.!


 To support JIS X 0213:2004,
     Using ghost character 1-55-27(it's me!),
 Found by JIS X 0208:1997,
     Was born in JIS C 6226-1978.
 Hello world,
     What do we hack, today?
                -- 1-55-27, 2018-01-27