IMS::ReleaseMgr::Signature - Generate checksums (signatures)


    use IMS::ReleaseMgr::Signature qw(crc_signature md5_signature);

    $signature = md5_signature $file;


This package provides ordinary, simple checksum-generation routines for applications that area a part of (or related to) the Release Manager System. Signatures are used to verify intact transfer of the data prior to deployment into web areas. The goal of this package is to provide an abstracted means of generating these signatures, in order to maintain consistency across the various applications.


All functions return a single string, or the special value undef in case of error. Error messages are sent as warnings, and can be trapped with a handler attached to the special Perl __WARN__ pseudo-signal. If a signature style results in multiple lines, those lines are joined together with newline characters.

The following signature implementations are provided:


This is the fairly basic CRC-style checksum used by the release manager on, but not currently in use on IMSS-supported servers. This is not recommended for use unless bundling a package for deployment to the main corporate server.


Returns the standard RSA MD5 hash of the file contents as a 16-byte value, expressed as a 32-digit hexadecimal string.


Randy J. Ray <>


IMS::ReleaseMgr, perl(1).