Getopt::EX::Long - Getopt::Long compatible glue module


  use Getopt::EX::Long;


  require Getopt::EX::Long;
  my $parser = Getopt::EX::Long::Parser->new(
        config   => [ Getopt::Long option ... ],
        exconfig => [ Getopt::EX::Long option ...],


Getopt::EX::Long is almost compatible to Getopt::Long and you can just replace module declaration and it should work just same as before (See INCOMPATIBILITY section).

Besides working same, user can define their own option aliases and write dynamically loaded extension module. If the command name is example,


file is loaded by default. In this rc file, user can define their own option with macro processing. This is useful when the command takes complicated arguments.

Also, special command option preceded by -M is taken and corresponding perl module is loaded. Module is assumed under the specific base class. For example,

    % example -Mfoo

will load App::example::foo module, by default.

This module is normal perl module, so user can write any kind of program. If the module is specified with initial function call, it is called at the beginning of command execution. Suppose that the module foo is specified like this:

    % example -Mfoo::bar(buz=100) ...

Then, after the module foo is loaded, function bar is called with the parameter baz which has value 100.

If the module includes __DATA__ section, it is interpreted just same as rc file. So you can define arbitrary option there. Combined with startup function call described above, it is possible to control module behavior by user defined option.

As for start-up file and Module specification, read Getopt::EX::Module document for detail.


Config options are set by Getopt::ExConfigure or exconfig parameter for Getopt::EX::Long::Parser::new method.


Config option RCFILE and BASECLASS are automatically set based on the name of command executable. If you don't want this behavior, set AUTO_DEFAULT to 0.

Other options including RCFILE and BASECLASS are passed to Getopt::EX::Loader. Read its document for detail.


Subroutine GetOptionsFromString is not supported.


Getopt::EX, Getopt::EX::Module, Getopt::EX::Loader