Games::ABC_Path::Generator - a generator for ABC Path puzzle games.


version 0.6.0


    use Games::ABC_Path::Generator;

    my $gen = Games::ABC_Path::Generator->new({seed => 1});

    # Returns a Games::ABC_Path::Generator::RiddleObj object.
    my $riddle = $gen->calc_riddle();


ABC Path puzzle games are puzzle games where one is given a 5*5 grid which should contain a consecutive path of the letters from 'A' to 'Y' (with vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or anti-diagonal steps). The position of the letter 'A' is given, and two letters are given for each of the columns, rows, main diagonal and main anti-diagonal, which can appear anywhere there.

ABC Path can be played online at .

This package is a generator for ABC Path games, and it generates a different layout with different clues for every random number generator seed.


my $gen = Games::ABC_Path::Generator->new({seed => $seed});

Initialised a new generator with the random number generator seed $seed .


Calculates the final, solved, layout of the board based on the current random seed.

Returns the layout as a Games::ABC_Path::Generator::FinalLayoutObj object.


Calculates the riddle (final state + initial hints) and returns it as an object.


Shlomi Fish, .


Games::ABC_Path::Solver - a solver for ABC Path games which this generator uses. - the homepage of Shlomi Fish's ABC Path work. - play ABC Path online on . - Otto Janko, the creator of ABC Path.



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