Finance::Robinhood::Instrument - Single Financial Instrument


    use Finance::Robinhood::Instrument;

    my $apple = Finance::Robinhood::instrument('AAPL');
    my $msft  = Finance::Robinhood::Instrument->new(id => '50810c35-d215-4866-9758-0ada4ac79ffa');


This class represents a single financial instrument. Objects are usually created by Finance::Robinhood so please use Finance::Robinhood->instrument(...) unless you know the instrument ID.


This class has several getters and a few methods as follows...

quote( )

Makes an API call and returns a Finance::Robinhood::Quote object with current data on this security.

historicals( ... )

    $instrument->historicals( 'week', 'year' );

You may retrieve historical quote data with this method which wraps the function found in Finance::Robinhood. Please see the documentation for that function for more info on what data is returned.

The first argument is an interval time and must be either 5minute, 10minute, day, or week.

The second argument is a span of time indicating how far into the past you would like to retrieve and may be one of the following: day, week, year, or 5year.

market( )

This makes an API call for information this particular instrument is traded on.

type( )

What sort of instrument this is. May be a stock, adr, cef, reit, etp, etc.

tradeable( )

Returns a boolean value indicating whether this security can be traded on Robinhood.

symbol( )

The ticker symbol for this particular security.

name( )

The actual name of the security.

For example, AAPL would be 'Apple Inc. - Common Stock'.

country( )

The home location of the security.

bloomberg_unique( )

Returns the Bloomberg Global ID (BBGID) for this security.


id( )

The unique ID Robinhood uses to refer to this particular security.

maintenance_ratio( )

Margin ratio.

day_trade_ratio( )

min_tick_size( )


margin_initial_ratio( )

As governed by the Federal Reserve's Regulation T, when a trader buys on margin, key levels must be maintained throughout the life of the trade

splits( )

Returns a list of current share splits for this security.

fundamentals( )

Makes and API call and returns a hash containing the following data:



This is a simple wrapper around the API used in the official apps. The author provides no investment, legal, or tax advice and is not responsible for any damages incurred while using this software. Neither this software nor its author are affiliated with Robinhood Financial LLC in any way.

For Robinhood's terms and disclosures, please see their website at


Copyright (C) Sanko Robinson.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms found in the Artistic License 2.

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