Finance::Quote::Sinvestor - Obtain quotes from S-Investor platform.


    use Finance::Quote;

    $q = Finance::Quote->new;
    $q = Finance::Quote->new('Sinvestor', 'sinvestor' => {INST_ID => 'your institute id'});

    %info = Finance::Quote->fetch("Sinvestor", "DE000ENAG999");  # Only query Sinvestor
    %info = Finance::Quote->fetch("europe", "brd");     # Failover to other sources OK.


This module fetches information from, the investment platform of the German Sparkasse banking group. It fetches share prices from various online and physical exchanges, and fund prices from the investment companies. The source is returned in the "exchange" field.

Suitable for shares, ETFs and funds that are traded in Germany.

This module is loaded by default on a Finance::Quote object. It's also possible to load it explicitly by placing "Sinvestor" in the argument list to Finance::Quote->new().

This module provides "Sinvestor" and "europe" fetch methods.

Information obtained by this module may be covered by terms and conditions.

INST_ID supports different institute IDs. The default value "0000057" is used (Krefeld) if no institute ID is provided. A list of institute IDs is provided here:

The INST_ID may be set by providing a module specific hash to Finance::Quote->new as in the above example (optional).


The following labels are returned: currency exchange last method success symbol volume price close change p_change