Finance::Quote::IEXClound - Obtain quotes from


    use Finance::Quote;
    $q = Finance::Quote->new('IEXCloud', iexcloud => {API_KEY => 'your-iexcloud-api-key'});

    %info = Finance::Quote->fetch("IBM", "AAPL");


This module fetches information from

This module is loaded by default on a Finance::Quote object. It's also possible to load it explicitly by placing "IEXCloud" in the argument list to Finance::Quote->new().

This module provides the "iexcloud" fetch method.

API_KEY requires users to register and obtain an API key, which is also called a token. The token may contain a prefix string, such as 'pk_' and then a sequence of random digits.

The API key may be set by either providing a module specific hash to Finance::Quote->new as in the above example, or by setting the environment variable IEXCLOUD_API_KEY.


The following labels may be returned by Finance::Quote::IEXClound : symbol, open, close, high, low, last, volume, method, isodate, currency.