Finance::Quote::CurrencyRates::Fixer - Obtain currency rates from


    use Finance::Quote;
    $q = Finance::Quote->new(currency_rates => {order => ['Fixer'],
                                                fixer => {API_KEY => ...}});

    $value = $q->currency('18.99 EUR', 'USD');


This module fetches currency rates from and provides data to Finance::Quote to convert the first argument to the equivalent value in the currency indicated by the second argument.

This module caches the currency rates for the lifetime of the quoter object, unless 'cache => 0' is included in the 'fixer' options hash.

API_KEY requires users to register and obtain an API key.

The API key must be set by providing a 'fixer' hash inside the 'currency_rates' hash to Finance::Quote->new as in the above example.

Terms & Conditions

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Finance::Quote is released under the GNU General Public License, version 2, which explicitly carries a "No Warranty" clause.