Finance::GDAX::API::MarginTransfer - Transfer funds between margin and standard GDAX profiles


  use Finance::GDAX::API::MarginTransfer;

  $xfer = Finance::GDAX::API::MarginTransfer->new(
          type     => 'withdrawl',
          currency => 'USD',
          amount   => '250.00');


  $response = $xfer->initiate;


Used to transfer funds between the GDAX standard/default profile and the margin account. All attributes are required to be set before calling the "initiate" method.

From the GDAX API:

    Transfer funds between your standard/default profile and a margin profile. A deposit will transfer funds from the default profile into the margin profile. A withdraw will transfer funds from the margin profile to the default profile. Withdraws will fail if they would set your margin ratio below the initial margin ratio requirement.


margin_profile_id $string

The id of the margin profile you'd like to deposit to or withdraw from.

type $margin_transfer_type

"deposit" or "withdraw".

Deposit transfers out from the default profile, into the margin profile.

Withdraw transfers out of the margin account and into the default profile.

amount $number

The amount to be transferred.

currency $currency_string

The currency of the amount -- for example "USD".



All attributed must be set before calling this method. The return value is a hash that will describe the result of the transfer.

From the current GDAX API documentation, this is how that returned hash is keyed:

  "created_at": "2017-01-25T19:06:23.415126Z",
  "id": "80bc6b74-8b1f-4c60-a089-c61f9810d4ab",
  "user_id": "521c20b3d4ab09621f000011",
  "profile_id": "cda95996-ac59-45a3-a42e-30daeb061867",
  "margin_profile_id": "45fa9e3b-00ba-4631-b907-8a98cbdf21be",
  "type": "deposit",
  "amount": "2",
  "currency": "USD",
  "account_id": "23035fc7-0707-4b59-b0d2-95d0c035f8f5",
  "margin_account_id": "e1d9862c-a259-4e83-96cd-376352a9d24d",
  "margin_product_id": "BTC-USD",
  "status": "completed",
  "nonce": 25


Mark Rushing <>


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