Finance::Alpaca::Struct::Trade - A Single Trade Object


    use Finance::Alpaca;
    my %trades = Finance::Alpaca->new( ... )->trades(
        symbol    => 'MSFT',
        start     => Time::Moment->now->with_day_of_week(2),
        end       => Time::Moment->now->with_hour(12)->with_day_of_week(3)

    say $quotes[0]->ap;


The quote API provides historical trade data for a given ticker symbol on a specified date.


The following properties are contained in the object.

timestamp - Timestamp with nanosecond precision as a Time::Moment object
exchange - Exchange where the trade happened
price - Trade price
size - Trade size
conditions - Trade conditions
id - Trade ID
tape - Tape
symbol - Symbol; only provided if data is from a Finance::Alpaca::Stream session


Copyright (C) Sanko Robinson.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms found in the Artistic License 2. Other copyrights, terms, and conditions may apply to data transmitted through this module.


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