File::Tasks::Add - A File::Tasks task to add a new file


Objects of this class represent the addition of a new file to the filesystem. Specifically, they mean the creation of a new file where no existing file should exist.

Thus, when applying the task to a filesystem, it is first checked to ensure there is no existing file accidentally in the way.


new $Tasks, $path, $source

Creates a new File::Tasks::Add object, although you probably won't be creating this object directly from here.

Returns a new File::Tasks::Add object, or undef on error.


Returns the task type, which is always 'Add'.


The path accessor returns the path to the file within the set of tasks.


The source accessor returns the content source, which could be anything supported by File::Tasks::Provider.


The test method checks to see if the file can be added.

Returns true if so, or false if not.


The execute method executes the task on the local filesystem.

Returns true on success or undef on error.


The content method returns the content that is to be written to the file.


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Copyright 2005 Adam Kennedy.

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