Exporter::Declare::Meta - The meta object which stores meta-data for all exporters.


All classes that use Exporter::Declare have an associated Meta object. Meta objects track available exports, tags, and options.


$class->new( $package )

Created a meta object for the specified package. Also injects the export_meta() sub into the package namespace that returns the generated meta object.

$class->new_from_exporter( $package )

Create a meta object for a package that already uses This will not turn the class into an Exporter::Declare package, but it will create a meta object and export_meta() method on it. This si primarily used for reexport purposes.

$package = $meta->package()

Get the name of the package with which the meta object is associated.


Usually called at construction to add a package alias function to the exports.

$meta->add_export( $name, $ref )

Add an export, name should be the item name with sigil (assumed to be sub if there is no sigil). $ref should be a ref blessed as an Exporter::Declare::Export subclass.

$meta->get_export( $name )

Retrieve the Exporter::Declare::Export object by name. Name should be the item name with sigil, assumed to be sub when sigil is missing.

$meta->export_tags_push( $name, @items )

Add @items to the specified tag. Tag will be created if it does not already exist. $name should be the tag name WITHOUT -/: prefix.

@list = $meta->export_tags_get( $name )

Get the list of items associated with the specified tag. $name should be the tag name WITHOUT -/: prefix.

@list = $meta->export_tags_list()

Get a list of all export tags.

$bool = $meta->is_tag( $name )

Check if a tag with the given name exists. $name should be the tag name WITHOUT -/: prefix.

$meta->options_add( $name )

Add import options by name. These will be boolean options that take no arguments.

my @list = $meta->options_list()
$meta->arguments_add( $name )

Add import options that slurp in the next argument as a value.

$bool = $meta->is_option( $name )

Check if the specified name is an option.

$bool = $meta->is_argument( $name )

Check if the specified name is an option that takes an argument.

$meta->add_parser( $name, sub { ... })

Add a parser sub that should be associated with exports via Devel::Declare

$meta->get_parser( $name )

Get a parser by name.

$ref = $meta->get_ref_from_package( $item )

Returns a reference to a specific package variable or sub.

$meta->reexport( $package )

Re-export the exports in the provided package. Package may be an Exporter::Declare based package or an Exporter based package.

$meta->merge( $meta2 )

Merge-in the exports and tags of the second meta object.


Chad Granum


Copyright (C) 2010 Chad Granum

Exporter-Declare is free software; Standard perl licence.

Exporter-Declare is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the license for more details.