Dist::Zilla::Role::Git::StringFormatter - Provide a String::Formatter for commit messages


version 2.048


This role is used within the Git plugins to format strings that may include the changes from the current release.

These formatting codes are available:


The list of changes in the just-released version (read from changelog). It will include lines between the current version and timestamp and the next non-indented line, except that blank lines at the beginning or end are removed. It always ends in a newline unless it is the empty string.


The current date. You can use any CLDR format supported by DateTime. A bare %d means %{dd-MMM-yyyy}d.


a newline


the distribution name


Expands to -TRIAL (or any other supplied string) if this is a trial release, or the empty string if not. A bare %t means %{-TRIAL}t.


the distribution version


The distribution version, but with a leading v removed if it exists.



The filename of your Changes file. (Must be provided by the class that consumes this role.)


The time zone used with the %d code. The default is local.


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Jerome Quelin


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