Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::Pod::Coverage::Configurable - dzil pod coverage tests with configurable parameters


version 0.07


  class = Pod::Coverage::Moose
  trustme = Dist::Some::Module => qr/^(?:foo|bar)$/
  trustme = Dist::Some::Module => qr/^foo_/
  trustme = Dist::This::Module => qr/^bar_/
  skip = Dist::Other::Module
  skip = Dist::YA::Module
  skip = qr/^Dist::Foo/
  also_private = BUILDARGS
  also_private = qr/^ERR_/


This is a Dist::Zilla plugin that creates a POD coverage test for your distro. Unlike the plugin that ships with dzil in core, this one is quite configurable. The coverage test is generated as xt/author/pod-coverage.t.

Test::Pod::Coverage 1.08, Test::More 0.88, and Pod::Coverage::TrustPod will be added as develop requires dependencies.


Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::Pod::Coverage::Configurable - a configurable author test for Pod coverage


This plugin accepts the following configuration options


By default, this plugin uses Pod::Coverage::TrustPod to run its tests. You can provide an alternate class, such as Pod::Coverage::Moose. If you provide a class then the generate test file will create a subclass of the class you provide and Pod::Coverage::TrustPod.

This test can be configured by providing trustme, skip, and class parameters in your dist.ini file.

Since this test always uses Pod::Coverage::TrustPod, you can use that to indicate that some subs should be treated as covered, even if no documentation can be found, you can add:

  =for Pod::Coverage sub_name other_sub this_one_too


This can either be a plain module name or a regex of the form qr/.../. Any modules defined here will be skipped entirely when testing POD coverage.


This parameter allows you to specify regexes for methods that should be considered coverage on a per-module basis. The parameter is provided in the form Module::Name => qr/^regex/. You can include the same module name multiple times.


This parameter allows you to specify regexes for methods that should be considered private. You can provide it as a plain method name string or as a regular expression of the form qr/^regex/. You can specify this parameter multiple times.


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