Dist::Surveyor::MakeCpan - Create a Mini-CPAN for the surveyed modules


    use Dist::Surveyor::MakeCpan;
    my $cpan = Dist::Surveyor::MakeCpan->new(
            $cpan_dir, $progname, $irregularities);
    foreach my $rel (@releases) {
    say "There where ", $cpan->errors(), " errors";


Create a mini-CPAN for the surveyed modules, so you will be able to re-install the same setup in a new computer.


    my $cpan = Dist::Surveyor::MakeCpan->new(
            $cpan_dir, $progname, $irregularities, $verbose);

The directory where the mini-cpan will be created


The name of the running program - will be used to create a subdirectory inside $cpan_dir, that will contain debug information.


A hashref with a list of irregular named releases. i.e. 'libwww-perl' => 'LWP'.



Add one release to the mini-cpan. the $rel should be a hashref, and contain the following fields:

    $rel = {
        download_url => '',
        url => 'authors/id/S/SE/SEMUELF/Dist-Surveyor-0.009.tar.gz',
        author => 'SEMUELF',
        name => 'Dist-Surveyor-0.009',
        distribution => 'Dist-Surveyor',


Close the mini-CPAN, and close all the debug data dump files.

License, Copyright

Please see Dist::Surveyor for details